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Heat thoroughly before eating overnight meals

Heat thoroughly before eating overnight meals. It's OK to put leftovers in the second meal, but it must be heated thoroughly. The so-called thorough heating is to heat the whole dish to 100 ℃ and keep boiling for more than 3 minutes.

Meat heating: if the meat is large, make sure to cook and steam for a long time, or chop the meat and reheat it.

Microwave oven is a good way to heat leftover food. It can make the inside of food fully heated. But in the family, it is often difficult to control the time of microwave heating, and it is easy to cause food splashing into the microwave oven. You can consider heating the food in the microwave oven for one or two minutes to raise the internal temperature of the food, then heating it in the pan, or steaming it in the steamer to make it easier to heat through. For leftovers that don't want too much soup, steam or fry them.

Heating of bean products: compared with meat, bean products are more likely to rot, so we should pay more attention to heating. It's not a pity to cook for a few more minutes, because the vitamin content in tofu is very low, and its rich protein, calcium and magnesium are not afraid of heat. Heating will not significantly reduce the nutritional value.

Vegetable heating: vegetables are not suitable for long-time heating, you can consider steaming with steamer, the heat transfer effect is better than direct heating with pot, and the loss of nutrients is less.

Special reminder: it should be highly noted that the dishes should not be heated repeatedly. If you know that you can't finish the second meal of fish, heat only half of it, and put the rest back into the refrigerator. Even some cooked food, bean products can be directly divided into small boxes frozen to the freezer.

Try to do less stem and leaf vegetables, choose melon vegetables

It is said that the incidence rate of gastric cancer is low, which is related to the habit of not eating overnight vegetables. Because some green leafy vegetables contain more nitrate, if they are cooked for a long time, under the decomposition of bacteria, nitrate will be reduced to nitrite, which has carcinogenic effect and can not be removed by heating.

Healthy eating: generally, the nitrate content of stem and leaf vegetables is the highest, melon vegetables is slightly lower, and rhizome and cauliflower are in the middle. Therefore, if you buy different kinds of vegetables at the same time, you should eat stem and leaf vegetables first, such as Chinese cabbage, spinach and so on. If you are going to make more vegetables and eat them hot the next day, you should try to make less stem and leaf vegetables and choose melon vegetables.