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Can eat pig liver prevent myopia?

Every holiday is the best time for students to treat myopia. Holiday learning tasks are relatively light, students have enough time to rest their eyes. In addition to the help of ophthalmologists in the regular hospital, the prevention and treatment of myopia through food supplement also plays an important role. But can pig liver prevent myopia

Eating pig liver to prevent myopia is almost a well-known 'secret recipe for food therapy'. However, Wang Yusheng, director of Ophthalmology at Xijing Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University, said it was actually a misunderstanding.

It is generally believed that the content of vitamin A in pig liver is very high, and vitamin A is indeed good for eyesight, but it mainly affects the eyesight of eyes in dark light, that is, the adaptability under dark light. Vitamin A deficiency will lead to a decline in the ability to adapt to the dark light (from a bright place into a dark environment for half a day can not see, can not see slowly see a long period of time), serious words can cause night blindness, but also lead to eye conjunctiva or corneal damage.

Eating animal liver is good for eyes because it is rich in vitamin A. vitamin A can regulate the retinal photosensitive substances, improve the adaptability of eyes to dim light, prevent visual fatigue, and prevent myopia. However, myopia is a kind of ametropia. When the human eye looks far away, the parallel light from the distance enters the eye through the pupil, and before focusing on the retina, it can not form a clear object image on the retina. The reason of myopia is that the anterior and posterior axis of eyeball is too long.

We know that there are a lot of foods rich in vitamin A, which is not the patent of pig liver. Vegetables, fruits and other meat products have high content, such as carrot, pumpkin and pork.

Director Wang Yusheng said that some people are nearsighted and think eating pig liver can improve vision. In fact, myopia is caused by the distortion of the eyeball - the increase in anteroposterior diameter and the inability of the lens to focus properly on the retina. No matter what food you eat or even drugs, it is impossible to change the shape of the eyeball and make the anterior and posterior diameters of the eyeball return to normal distance. How can it help to treat myopia?

Director Wang pointed out that to prevent myopia, first of all, we should maintain eye hygiene, ensure a balanced diet, and eat more foods rich in vitamins and trace elements. Of course, myopic patients or should go to the specialized hospital for regular treatment, there is no particularly effective diet.