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How to prevent urinary calculi in summer?

Summer is the peak season for urinary calculi. People living in tropical and subtropical areas are more prone to urinary tract stones. The incidence rate of urinary tract stones in southern China is higher, which indicates that urinary stones are related to high temperature besides pathological factors.

Xiao Wang, 25, has just graduated from university this year and is currently interning in a company's sales position. In the hot weather, he often runs around outside, sweating a lot. Only frozen carbonated drinks can quench his heat and quench his thirst. When he feels thirsty, he will buy a bottle of iced drink to drink. Generally, he drinks three or four bottles a day, and has hardly drunk white water. 'it's hot in summer. I always feel comfortable drinking ice drinks, so I seldom drink boiled water. "Xiao Wang told reporters.

Not long ago, when Xiao Wang was resting at home, he suddenly felt a sharp colic in his abdomen. 'the pain is unbearable. "Finding that the situation was wrong, his family rushed him to Gangwan Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical College. After examination, the doctor thought that Xiao Wang's attack was renal colic, which was probably caused by urethral stones. Healthy diet

According to the Department of Urology, Guangzhou Medical Hospital, the experts said that because of the hot summer weather, the body's water content dropped, the high temperature affected the body's absorption of calcium and salt, and people sweat a lot, urine concentration, urine crystals were easier to deposit, so the incidence of lithiasis was high, and the incidence rate of common summer stones was higher than that of other seasons by about 20%.

The incidence rate of stones in summer is 3 times that of normal.

According to statistics, the incidence rate of stones in summer is 3 times that of normal. In addition, Li Xun, based on years of clinical practice, found that the incidence of renal colic in patients with urinary calculi is significantly higher than that in winter when the temperature rises suddenly in hot seasons. This is because the hot weather leads to ureteral dilatation. When the urine in the renal pelvis decreases, the stones floating in the urine fall to the ureteral stricture, causing acute obstruction and causing pain. In addition, after the loss of water, the solute in the blood increases, and it is easy to separate out new stones. Therefore, summer must be based on their own situation, appropriate drinking water.

Never drink carbonated drinks as water

Experts say the most effective way to prevent stones is to drink more water. According to the daily urine output of 2 liters, it is better to take about 3 liters of water (about 5-6 bottles of mineral water) every day in summer. Li Xun said that people usually urinate once every 2-3 hours. You can also calculate whether your intake of water is enough according to this time. If not, you should supplement water in time. Many people like to drink frozen carbonated drinks and beer in summer, and some people like to drink tea, but they don't know that these drinks can't replace water. Cola contains a lot of phosphates, which are closely related to stones and kidney disease. In addition, these drinks contain calcium oxalate, which is easy to form stones. Drinking these drinks instead of white water for a long time will increase the risk of stone disease and other diseases. Li Xun suggested that people should drink more boiled water.

Experts pointed out that if you have urinary tract stones, you should pay more attention to eat alkaline vegetables and fruits in the normal diet, such as pineapple, apple, carrot, soybean, etc.; eat less foods with high calcium content, such as milk, dairy products, white flour, chocolate, etc.; eat less spinach and asparagus with high oxalate content.


Who is easy to get stones?

1. Those who like sweets and have a meat diet tend to have more fat and cholesterol intake and tend to form cholesterol stones. Excessive intake of sweets can promote insulin secretion and accelerate cholesterol deposition. Often do not eat breakfast will reduce the content of bile acid, bile concentration, the secretion of excessive glycoprotein, the bile particles together to form stones. Therefore, Li Xun reminded that we should not blindly pursue the happiness of the mouth, and the diet structure should be adjusted accordingly to avoid the pain of stones.

2. The increase of various kinds of stones caused by improper calcium supplement is mainly related to people's blind supplement of calcium. In the clinical found that many calcium supplement people suffering from stone disease, and these self-reported symptoms of calcium deficiency after examination, but unexpectedly found that their blood calcium is much higher than normal people. The reason is that these people because of liver, kidney, gallbladder and other organs of metabolic dysfunction or decreased levels of sex hormones caused by 'false calcium'. Results the more calcium supplement, the more serious the stone disease.

3. The formation of urinary calculi is related to the quality and quantity of diet and drinking water. Local water quality is hard, and drinking water and particularly 'stingy' people, prone to kidney stones.

4. the incidence rate of gallstones in obese people is 5 times higher than that in normal persons. The incidence of gallstones in obese women aged 20~30 is 6 times higher than that in normal weight peers, and 40% of obese women over 60 years old have gallbladder disease and gallstones. The reason is that most of the obese people eat too much fat and cholesterol. In addition, most of the obese people have little activity and are prone to stones.