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Honey, what do I take to face you?

Without the thought of love and hate, people are like a serious illness. They have no vitality and look. Some are just numb. I don't know if all people have the same state of mind when they have experienced love and hate, or have a deep understanding of common things in the world.

If you leave reality and all people, you will have no trouble and sadness. Only in the mountains and nature can you have a quiet mood. For a person who is full of sadness in the world, listening to the sound of running water is a very beautiful tune.

Even in the earthly world, there are many injuries, but in my heart, I no longer have hatred, see through the coldness of the world, watch the passing of the wind and cloud, and sigh with emotion!

In this world, if you think the best confidant will cheat in order to achieve his purpose, you will think that there is no one worth believing.

To survive in this realistic society, no one will believe in tears. Only when they believe in ability and have the ability can they be qualified to survive in this cruel society. Tears only represent weakness, so don't cry when you are deceived.

Without trust, everything will become very false, including what has been said or what is being said now. Is this really the case? Are people really so realistic? Maybe!

In this real society, it is useless to plead with the leaders of a certain department how sincere your words are, and how sincere your heart is. The most useful thing is that the 'brick' is the golden one. When a brick is thrown over and pressed down, what you say can be transmitted to the ears of the leaders. Even if it is a very ordinary word, you will think you are very interesting. Don't talk nonsense at this time. It's superfluous. Going straight to the theme is that this is reality, this is society, and this is the ruling way of the ruling class.

Disappointed with reality? If, when you think this society is a society without confidants, and some are just deceiving me, will you sigh? Or silence? Want to stay away, but you can't go away. You can only stay in this turbid world. No matter you're struggling or floating, you have to follow the law if you want to survive.

It is a sad thing for people to live in a society without confidants and trust. So, some people use money to change, but it's useless. Once you don't have money, everything will disappear.

If you believe that there is a true love, you don't need to change it with money, but pay it with your heart. But he once lied to you. Will you trust him as before? Or do you feel a little stale? Because it's really difficult to have a beautiful feeling without pollution. When you have it, you must cherish it, because it's difficult to come back after pollution. If so, what can be relative? There is no trust between each other. What do you take to face each other?