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It's really meaningful to be yourself

Recently, I often overlook the busy figure downstairs from the top of the building and the cars galloping on the road. Looking up at the tall buildings, we can see that the white walls of the buildings are dense, like thick woods. This is the characteristics of big cities, and this is the pace of big cities, right? Is that what prosperity looks like?

However, is it an inherent feature that you can't feel the wind downstairs?

This city is really lively. People from all over the world come here to seek their own world, and all people gather here. But have we really found our own life? Or even I can't find myself and forget my appearance! The pace of the city is beyond description. Everyone's ability is very limited, because everyone is not a sports expert, can be ten steps a second. So, following the public on the road, aimless, in a hurry & hellip& hellip; In fact, I don't know the meaning of doing this. Will it really be easier to reach your own world with the pace of the masses? Everyone in this world is the same. They dream that one day they will be one of the nobles, who can live in dignity, carefree and have plenty of food and clothing!

None of us does not like high-quality life, no one does not pursue the perfect world, but is it sure that we can find it in the prosperous city? Sometimes I hate myself. Why do I leave my hometown and come here? However, physically and mentally tired, I don't want to answer myself. Maybe it's because I want to seek a moment's quiet, but I can't be quiet at all; Maybe it's to avoid some responsibilities, some emotional disputes. However, I can't escape from the complicated relationships here. Every day I live without soul. I've never left me because of my worries and worries. Always feel restless, do not understand what peace is! What on earth is calm & hellip& hellip;

In fact, people, it is because of the complex feelings, life will be messy, life is very simple. Although other people's steps are very fast, we don't have to follow them. We need to know that without the pass, we will become stowaways.

I'm tired, but life is too noisy for me to calm down. So in the morning before the sun comes out, I will go up to the roof to blow the wind. I like the dark weather. I like to sit on the edge of the water pipe and look at the mountains and trees opposite me. I like to imagine 'what's on the other side of the mountain' in the poem Like an innocent child, like a mentally retarded child without thought. Although this idea is a bit idiotic, but no one knows how much I yearn for?

At the moment, the world here is still not alive, because the hour hand is less than eight o'clock, the city is still sleeping. In Shenzhen, a busy city, I haven't heard the bird call for a long time, but the silence at the moment makes me find a few birds on the pool. They are just like me. Only when the world is still quiet can they have the courage and mood to relax! I'm really sleepy too. I don't want to care about the supreme! But for everything to follow & hellip& hellip;