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Can you fall in love with my vicissitudes

The night was deep and quiet. I push the window and look, the noisy city, also tired into a dream. Only the hesitation of a tree shaken by the evening wind is slightly desolate under the cover of street lamps. Years always pass quietly in retrospect, taking away my sadness and light expectation.

Light a cigarette, think of a period of the past, let thoughts fly; Brew a pot of tea, forget a trace of heartache, let the past sink. Alone, I have been used to thinking, watching, writing, smoking and drinking tea when I wake up in the deep of night.

I've been through the age of "young people don't know how to feel sad, but there's still a soft place in my heart. I don't dare to touch it easily. Even if I just pass by, it will cause a strong shock. It makes my heart ache and I can't release it with a smile.

But I don't care too much, even if I can't get the salvation, I still choose to continue to pain and happy. I like quiet, enjoy the cold and lonely night, I read and write in the pastime, liberation. Open that familiar book after book, review the book of Yan Ruyu, I am still eager to try, review the book of the golden house, I am still ready to move.

Dancing the keyboard with both hands, those flying words pour out the past obscurity and glory of their life, and the past of love and hate, weaving fairy tales of network miracles. I am far away from innocence, youth, the hope of my youth, and my own marriage.

I am such a single man, although I am not an excellent man, but I will not be ignorant of the world, I am not amorous and boring. Just no affectation, no flashiness. One after another lonely accumulation of text, see in the eyes of people, will love me from the heart; Will stimulate a desire to embrace me, so I can have love. Lucky?

My love is not devoid, always expecting a tottering love. I didn't pray in front of the Buddha for 500 years. I didn't wait under the bodhi tree in the hot winter. I stood up as a tree. The Internet brought me hot encounters and unforgettable love.

The stage of life is always after you sing, I come on stage, today is you, tomorrow is her. Maybe I'm just a shadow when you are lonely, maybe I'm just a sustenance when you are lost and empty, inadvertently let you meet me, with a touch.

Love, love, hurt, and then choose to leave and forget. In the face of reality, my emotion and my life can't stand the humility of time. Is it because I am too affectionate or heartless? I don't know, and I can't understand it. The past arouses my melancholy. It's hard to form a string, and every inch goes with the wind.

I am looking for a woman who likes me, can contain all my life stories, is used to all my lonely years, and falls in love with my vicissitudes. I can completely confess my heart, expose it to her, and greet my love with the purest side. I have a heart of expectation and a dream of hope. As long as you really love me, I will devote the rest of my life to you without hesitation.

If you want to fall in love with me, you have to have the courage, no matter I am wandering in the world, or in hell or heaven can be accompanied by dependence. If you want to fall in love with me, you have to be like me, have the courage to face the secular vision, and never shrink back easily.

In the dream world, you and I are attached to the heaven, I use the vicissitudes of life to affect your eternal attachment, I use the vicissitudes of life to care about your love in this world.

When one day I smile and ask you:

'why fall in love with me

You can embrace me happily, quietly pull out a white hair on my head, and then say to me:

'what's this? This is your time. What does snow white hair mean? "

It is the mark of the years, it is the vicissitudes of my life, I will be relieved, I will understand that your love is sincere!

I look forward to you and I can hold each other and spend the vicissitudes of the years in the future, so that love is no longer a distant dream; Although we will grow old with the passage of time, we will go through the vicissitudes of life together. Can you fall in love with my vicissitudes & hellip& hellip;