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You are my forever concern

Miss you, is a kind of sweet sadness, tonight I sit a couple, turn on the computer, into your space, let the sad music sing the night again and again, let the confused thoughts float in the sky. Days of light rain, and did not wash away my heart of enthusiasm, cold wind through the open window, with the breeze, bursts of brushing my cheek, too much rain, evoke me for many days hidden depression.

Or, on the way of missing, there are miserable winds and rains. You are not afraid of the injury of parting and the repeated dust laden pain. You stay in your dream every night just to know that you have me in your heart. You are my eternal concern. I am afraid that you will have an accident, that you will miss, that you will never pay attention to me. Without you, I will live without value. Only your existence can make the brilliance of my life still clear. Know each other, accompany each other, I would like to be your floating tea, perhaps, such rely on empty and powerless, but after all, the lonely heart has sustenance. Worried about you, I leave a message in your space: 'read you, slowly flowing at your fingertips, writing down the entangled past, whether the heavy steps are wandering, in the hazy mood, memory torments the years, endless looking back, those superimposed years, what is left in the end? If meeting is just a dream, I'd rather be drunk in a dream and never wake up. With my tenderness around my fingers, I entangle your warm mind. With my forbearance, I share the heavy burden of life for you. With my bright smile, I will shine all the course of your life '. I hope you can see, expect you to respond, but everything is still quiet, it's hard to know, why can't my innocence change the tacit understanding between you and me? Why can't my true love win the impact of your heart? Staring at the space, your smile, you are no longer the river and lake where I forget each other, the remote vision of eyes can finally cross the warmth of the world of mortals and moisten the thirst of Acacia. The text interprets the similar pasting and kneading. The peace of mind is disturbed by tenderness. Your body and breath are the ups and downs of my heart. I dialed your number with my family landline, gave a few words and gave a hasty answer, which finally confirmed my uneasy mood for days. What is the heart, you and I have such a telepathy, in addition to the heart has a rhinoceros, what else? Put down the phone, according to the heart, but then inexplicable worry and disturb my heart. Guard in your world, lament the fate of such arrangements, gently walk between the lines, the years can not break my stealing waiting, the alternation of time, I cross in your eyes, everything has nothing to do with the wind and the moon, and the truth

Soft fingertips tapping the silent keyboard, the sound of a thousand words, reluctant to tell, can we get together again? Can kneeling prayer reduce the suffering of my king? Can sincere wishes bring peace to Aijun's life? People depend on each other, thousands of words, can carry the ancient oath? In order to ignore your heart, I promise I won't send you any more short messages, but all kinds of thoughts and thoughts still burn my heart and thin my face. The feigned Enron can't stand the missiles of time. The sharp summer rain has wet the land, dyed the brocade and cooled the blue shirt. In the moonless sky, the stars are sparse and the clouds are light. The sadness and concern touched by the pillow end of midnight tremble with the dream. In the vast quiet night, I vaguely listen to your rolling.

Ah, ask heaven: how hard is your trouble? How many days can you get out of the world of mortals? I pray with my true feelings that I will lose my life and help you get rid of your troubles as soon as possible. I am willing to give my health and pray for the God of benefit to give you happiness and peace forever!