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Do not believe in life, but reincarnation in your palm

Do not believe in life, but reincarnation in your palm; Thousands of passers-by, only to see you, a look back, destined to miss life!

Like to write such a rambling text, it seems that prose is not like prose, essays are not like essays. Like to roam in their own weaving dreams, say some people think impractical words.

In this bustling city where even the air is filled with the taste of desire, I still go my own way and live in the way I like. There is no lack of enlightened relatives and friends around me, but I am still only myself. If I am in a hurry, I will retort: do I live for others or for myself? If I live for others, why am I still alive?

What is the so-called glory and wealth? It's all in the past. We came to the world naked, in the end, it is not naked to leave, those fame and wealth, how ever take half a point. Also because I have been in such an attitude, so that now, even my mother is no longer nagging me. OK, just do what you like to do!

Cold night, always accompanied by sad thoughts. Can't see you, loneliness and sadness erode the soul. Lonely soul, drowned in the dark: 'every night, through heartache, Miss never end, used to loneliness, I smile face & hellip& hellip;' The song is sad and moving, listening, listening, the brow is full of deep sadness and sadness, tears, endless slide & hellip& hellip; I know, I have been waiting, waiting for a beautiful legend!

What is love? No one can tell. In fact, there is no reason in the world of true love. It's like a pig asking me a question, but I can't give an answer. I can't tell why I love you, why I love you deeply, why I don't regret until I die.

I am a woman who only pays love with heart, but not good at expressing love. Although in their own words, the full of feelings, full of sorrow, sorrow and missing, in front of you, but never a direct confession. All because of love, only for love. I don't want to disturb your step because of my emotion. I don't want you to change something because of my confusion. For you all, just want to quiet placed in the text.

I know that sometimes, kindness is also a kind of weakness, just like you and me. We always consider the feelings of others, always want to make others happy, but ignore ourselves.

I don't want you to see my tears any more. I don't want you to see my pain. Because every time you see my tears, your heart will be upset, see me sad, you will heartache. Your uneasiness and heartache tell me how much you love me. Only this, I have been very satisfied! How can I be willing to make you uneasy and heartache; How can I be willing to carve deep concern and sadness in your eyes!

I am a greedy warm woman. The days with you are always so short. The time with you is also passing fast. The feeling of being with you is the happiest and most satisfying. Often thank God, in my best years, let me meet you, that let me love you. Buddha said: 500 years of hard work, only in exchange for a life brush. This life, meet you; Knowing each other and loving each other, we can imagine how we practiced hard in our previous lives!