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Adults and children

Social progress and ideological progress advance together. This is reality. There is conclusive evidence and reasonable basis. The progress of society and thought is on the same long-distance running line. Thought changes society and society urges thought. There is nothing to suspect.

The modern society is basically different from the old society, but it can not be separated from the contradiction and conflict of mutual stimulation and restriction between society and thought. The contradiction between adults and children is with it.

When many adults teach their children, they often ignore the point that they forcibly educate their children according to their own way of doing things, regardless of the two different social (people's thought and action) environmental atmosphere in the modern and past. It means adults hate iron but don't make steel. Grinding an iron rod into a needle is adults' action. However, modern children have their own views, their own ideas and their actions. However, they can't show what they do. Adults always think that they are still children. Seriously, they will always treat them as children, From this point, there is a permanent tough diaphragm. People are not afraid of anything, they are afraid of separation. This is the cause of the lack of harmony between adults and children. If this goes on, the culprit will be the trump card for a long time.

Adults have adults' affairs, children have children's thoughts, and there are dreams in their minds. Therefore, we should not easily stop children's playfulness. We should carefully speculate and investigate. As long as we don't violate the law, there is no big problem. If we act recklessly without thinking, we will smash his dream and hurt his heart.

Conversely, sometimes adults are most likely to do wrong. Some families with good conditions can give their children what they want (within the limits of allowable conditions). Some families with poor conditions deliberately or unintentionally ask more or less about their children's test results. Most of them are not very satisfied with their children's results.

Each has his own love and dislike, just as each has his own shortcomings and strengths. Maybe most people can't understand it, only I can understand it, and maybe some people understand it more deeply than me.

Fighting seems to be an unworkable way of surviving the old. Spiritual communication is the best choice. The soul is a bridge support point without impurities and obstacles. If you don't love it, you will lose the opportunity to build a bridge. Also, because people are born into the world, the soul is spotless and connected. If you want to understand each other, you have to have a gap between the past two people, and the bridge can't afford it, Friendship can't last.

Scolding also seems to be an old method that doesn't work. However, if you are forced to go to Liangshan, you can't help yourself. Everything has a degree, just as life will never survive forever, otherwise, there will be no reincarnation. Although it is superstitious, I would rather believe it, because sometimes, I'd rather believe it than nothing. What son kills his father, father-in-law kills his wife, and children kill the king, All this seems impossible, but at present, it does exist.

Adults generally don't care much about children's words. Most people think that children's words are mostly untrue and rational, and there are many lies. In fact, they are not. In my opinion, most children's words are true, but they don't have the ability and conditions to implement them. Otherwise, why do adults coax children?

After talking about these, the last sentence or two is whether it is wrong or right for children to fall in love. Please think about it and talk about it. If you can't draw a conclusion, I'll give you some tips. When children fall in love, adults think it's immature. I think it's because of precocity (precocity of friendship) rather than some reason. Adults think it's absurd for children to fall in love, I can regard falling in love as a bridge to make friends, bosom friends and promote each other's progress.

Adults and children, removing these barriers may communicate more and better. I hope so. I sincerely wish all adults and children.