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Many warm brown birds

Disappear in

The end of the earth

A group of strong white fruit trees

He is calling me to go with him

They are my traveling companions

The grain of wood in their hearts

As beautiful as an echo

I can't face their call

I smiled

I can't say: No

I know they're looking for

The metal moon

Use your hands

Obliterate kindly

Wet soil above

I can't say: No

Can't answer honestly

The moon

I lost it

I lost it on purpose

Because I like it

I don't know why

And throw it where you can find it

Now they're gone

Don't ask, okay

Close the wooden window

Don't listen to the news on the river bank

Don't ask your eyes

Let the sail fall quietly

I want to see

All your sky

Don't ask me about my past

Those old coral trees

Under the water

A city floating with mud flocs

The ship has docked

The road has disappeared in the bubble.

I'm back

That's the whole story

I want to loosen the pocket on my shoulder

Let it fall on the floor

Make a heavy noise

Thought is motionless

I'm tired.

I want to dance

In a transparent flame

Become as easy as ashes

Don't ask, I'm tired

Tomorrow is still in the dark

It's still far away

Fish in the Arctic Ocean

Now, I won't dream of us

I'm tired. I'm so tired

I want to be in your gaze

have a bit of rest