Sihai network

rural! rural!

City, hands stained with oil

It's getting longer and longer, in the countryside

A path fragrant with wild flowers

In space, walk lower and lower

Harvest, no more

Autumn patent, a circle of walls

Inflated desire, wanton castration

spring, summer, autumn and winter

Bank kidnapped, locator

Set up boundary markers where you reach

Draw at will

The eyes of the cattle spew

Angry flame

No matter what, it won't burn clean

In the countryside, pieces of stubborn ringworm

Blackened heart, spewing

Black blood, emitting

Greedy smell, diffuse

Dazzling gas

On the plate, gradually jump out

Three legged chicken

The raven, still breathing, stands

On a dead branch, send out

The last cry

Towering sorghum

Spit out, not ears

Thick black clouds cover

Sky, blue screen

Wash the ink from the chimney

From time to time, it falls from the sky

Floating on the riverbed

White fish scales

Green smoke curls, small bridges and flowing water

In the machine, compressed into

Postal flowers, pasted in the corner

Stamp, round seal

I don't know where it has been mailed

The country is ill

Trembling, struggling, groaning

Waiting for the doctor, immediately

Injection, a cardiotonic