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That touch of blue occasionally drops a drop of cloud

It splashed a clear echo of words

Who is the master of eavesdropping? There is a lingering fragrance

The wind rips off the tea and sends the snow soft and greasy

Melting stiff words is more tenacious than lotus root silk

A silent cicada

Transformed into a dancing white moth

When the smoke came up, I looked back silently

A peach blossom fan with a beautiful smile

Scatter a wisp of floating silk in the evening wind

The loneliness questioned by some people is far away from the water bank

Harvest the green reeds

The heart is hollowed out

Ten miles without a trace of lights, eyebrows and moon hide in wooden fish

Wind chimes have long understood, but my heart is often free

The rain is gentle and moist

The mossy fingers burned when picking up

Only enjoy a trip with water

The tenderness of fraternity can cover her life

The last part is the pursuit of romance

The transshipment helmsman cut off a sick rope

The rhythm of fishing a fish

If she wants to, she must filter out the impurities

Draw a black-and-white beauty on a roll of cotton white canvas

The fate of five hundred years takes root in a Bodhi

Just to find the tearful amber

This life will bind you to achieve the right result

On the poetic steps

A xylophone washes out a clean world

The snow waiting for the turning point set the Bureau

Show your essence and resist the cold of rumors