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Late at night, but I can't sleep

In my mind

Your figure appears again

At this point

I just found myself

I love you so much

At this point

I just feel like

I can't live without you

Say it easily and go their separate ways

But my mind keeps missing you

day in and day out

year after year

The ruthless years have floated to us all

A layer of vicissitudes and a few strands of white hair

But missing you

But it didn't fade at all

Is this the debt of a previous life

The fate of this life

Search hard but have no answer

Since you have loved, why have it

What a relaxed and free tone

In real life

Who can really do it

Free and easy to leave

Who can after leaving

Forget the sadness

Past joy

Since you can't forget

Why force yourself

Since I still miss you

You should know

Even your infatuation for me

It has faded like clouds and smoke

Even if it's a silent ending

I have no regrets

Because a moment together

Enough to last a lifetime

Short love has been given

Good memories of my life