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Those "beauty health wine" in Red Mansions

Cao Xueqin is a fool in wine. At the stage of his creation of a dream of Red Mansions in his later years, he was close to extreme poverty. His situation is that "the whole family eats porridge and wine on credit", but even if the whole family can only live on thin porridge, they still don't forget to "credit wine" to satisfy their greed. Because there is always a lack of wine around him, Mr. Xueqin wrote his ideal of wine in his book. So today, when I open the red chamber, there is always a smell of wine coming to my face from time to time.

A dream of Red Mansions focuses on the life of a daughter. Naturally, all aspects reflect her daughter's tenderness. Even wine is no exception. It is not as strong as a man. Women's family members always have women's unique health preservation secrets when they push cups and change lamps.

Most of the women in the Jia family drink sweet wine made from rice. The degree is not high. It is usually about ten degrees. They don't get drunk for a long time. They often drink among their families for fun. In fact, women drink more rice wine, which is good for their health. If rice wine is used correctly, it is also a rare good medicine. It can alleviate the symptoms of fear of cold and blood stasis, rheumatoid arthritis, neurasthenia and so on. At the same time, rice wine can also promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, replenish blood and nourish face. It can not only delight people, but also beautify them.

There are also a large number of women in the Red Mansions. Actor Fang once said that before he sang, he could drink two or three kilograms of Huiquan wine at a meal. Although it is a drink of sweet wine, it can also be described as a large number of people. Huiquan wine here is glutinous rice wine brewed with Shiquan water of Huishan temple, the second spring in the world. The wine is white, sweet and low degree. In the early Qing Dynasty, it was once a tribute to the emperor by Cao Xueqin family, so Cao gongshun wrote this history of his family into a dream of Red Mansions. It can be said that when we recall the past, the aroma of wine becomes a memory.

Of course, the daughter of the red chamber also has high baijiu. The 38th time, Jia's house held a crab banquet, and the food was lively up and down. Daiyu was weak. She ate some meat and came down. Asked the girl for hot wine, 'I ate a little crab and felt a slight pain in my heart. I had to drink hot wine.' Baoyu was distressed by Daiyu and hurriedly sent a pot of hot wine soaked in Acacia flowers.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, food has cold and hot properties. If you eat too cold, it will condense moisture in the body. Crab is cold. It is also a high-fat and high protein food and is not easy to digest. The wine is the hottest, and the hot wine spreads quickly after drinking, which can dredge the blood vessels, dispel the wind and cold, and neutralize the cold scattered by crabs in the body. At this time, why does Daiyu have to drink 'the wine soaked in Albizzia', which is more interesting. Albizzia has a calming effect, which is used for restlessness, depression and insomnia. It mainly treats depression, chest depression, insomnia, neurasthenia and other diseases. Daiyu is a typical neurasthenic population. She only sleeps for about two to four hours every day. Baoyu sends Acacia wine to relieve the cold of crabs on the one hand and calm her nerves on the other. This cup of wine embodies Baoyu's love for Daiyu and the meticulous way of health care in the Jia family.

However, one thing: Why did Cao Xueqin spend a lot of time and again to write about the drinking mood of a group of women?

In addition to depicting the extravagance of wealthy families, it was also the trend of the social atmosphere at that time.

Wine is the oldest cultural product in China. According to textual research, Shaojiu first appeared in the northern and Southern Dynasties, with a degree of about 50 degrees. Before that, the brewing technology was not developed. According to historians, grain brewing technology had appeared during the Yangshao culture from 5000 to 3000 BC. At that time, tillers (germinating grains) were used to make wine. The wine brewed was called 'Li', which was the 'Li' of 'gan ruoli at the turn of villains'. It tasted sweet but the degree was very low. It basically belonged to a modern fruit wine beverage, not a real wine. Later, it was eliminated in the gradual progress of brewing technology. Until the Qin and Han Dynasties, people began to make a lot of wine with Jiuqu. At this time, the wine can be called "wine" in the real sense. However, due to technical limitations, the degree is not high, generally more than 20 degrees. And until this time, the wine brewed is just yellow wine, and Baijiu has not really appeared.

Before the end of the Ming Dynasty, Baijiu was a luxury. Because the State implements the monopoly system. Until the late Ming Dynasty, the imperial court no longer implemented the monopoly system for wine, and the people began to make wine on a large scale, so the price of wine naturally fell down. Moreover, the imperial court did not prohibit group drinking and getting drunk, so it became a social custom to drink too much. With the prosperity of eating and drinking, grand events in wine are naturally more common among rich families《 In a dream of Red Mansions, a crab banquet costs twenty Liang silver, which is a month's salary for leaders at Mrs. Wang's level. Readers think it's a waste. But looking at the plum in the Golden Vase, XiMenqing invited CAI and song to have a meal. How much did it cost? The original text of the book says' fee hook thousand liang of gold and silver '. A thousand liang of silver for a meal is the real feast!

In the Red Mansions, rich and noble women eat and drink extravagantly. But in addition to extravagance, the wine in their cup is also a good product for health preservation. Their wonderful use of wine makes wine an excellent beauty product.

Wine is also a good medicine. If you use it too much, it will lead to side effects; But with the right amount, you can keep fit and beautiful.

Drinking is not a skill; Can drink, can drink true taste( Su cen (blog)