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The last tears of youth

The mist in the morning was heavy, and everything was shrouded in gauze. Tang yaochi stepped on the gravel path and suddenly felt that the soles of her feet were pierced by something. She stretched out her hand and broke off her left foot. The faint purple light caught her sight. She held the crystal in her palm and looked at it carefully. What's this? The palm of my hand is a little cold. I don't know whether the temperature of that crystal is too low or the psychological effect is causing trouble?

While thinking, a burst of laughter came from behind her. Turning around, a young man in white was turning his back to Tang Yao, leaning against the trunk and teasing a girl. Because he only saw his back, Tang Yao couldn't see his face clearly. But Tang Yao had a strong curiosity. She wanted to see what he looked like.

The fog gradually dispersed. When the boy turned around, Tang Yao happened to take a positive picture with him. The handsome face, however, has a pair of amorous peach blossom eyes, and the two eyebrows have a soft smile. It looks like a dissolute childe. Although the first impression was not very good, Tang Yao's heart beat violently. This kind of boy should have been the type she hated. But why is it so attractive? Are the handsome boys in this world so bad?

'Yao Tian, my parents are not at home today. Why don't you go to my house tonight?' A whiny voice came into Tang Yao's ear. Hearing this sentence, Tang Yao has a little nausea. Why doesn't the girl have any reserve?

'No. I have something to do tonight. Good, next time. " Yaotian kissed his lips with his fingers, and then pointed his index finger to the girl's lips.

'fortunately & hellip& hellip;' Tang Yao breathed a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that Yaotian would follow the girl home.

'well, I know you're busy. Well, next time. " The girl seems very obedient and doesn't dare to disobey Yaotian at all. It seems that he ate it to death. Being handsome is the advantage.

'come on, it's almost time for class.' When Yaotian left, he looked at Tang Yao intentionally or unintentionally. Tang Yao's face is a little feverish. His amorous eyes make people fall into it accidentally.

A piece of skin is killing people, Tang Yao thought. The soles of her feet were cold. Tang Yao found that she had not put on her shoes.

Not far away, there is a pear tree standing alone, the trunk is wrinkled and cracked, and the sick one is dying, which looks a little desolate. But Tang Yao didn't have time to think about it. All she had in mind was the boy in white. She put on her shoes, closed her eyes and remembered his appearance.

Something's wrong, something's wrong. Tang Yao always feels that she has forgotten something very important. She opened her eyes and looked at her watch. The pointer had reached seven fifty-five. " Ah, it's going to be late for class, 'Tang Yao screamed, running away regardless of his image and the pain under his feet. That speed is Liu Xiang.


In the studio sat a handsome young man, holding a brush and concentrating on painting on the flower rack. The light in the room was soft, and the refracted shadow happened to fall on his soft hair. Tang Yao looked askew and felt that the side face seemed familiar. That eye, that eyebrow, that face, isn't that the boy in white that day?

The figure painting in his hand is very similar to himself. Is it like her or is it her at all? Tang Yao is a little confused. So coincidentally, he went to the same school as himself? Is this called fate?

'I got you. Tang Yao, are you peeking at boys? You ice beauty is also in love? " Tang Yao was so frightened that the whole person jumped up, and Yan Xiaomei behind her really shocked her.

'what are you talking about? Where did I peek at boys? Let's go, let's go. " If this gossip woman knew the truth, it would be wonderful. Tang Yao didn't dare to stay any longer. She pushed Yin Xiaomei's back and signaled her to go quickly.

'don't push me. Let me see what's inside, too? ' Yin Xiaomei said nothing and rushed in front of Tang Yao.

'so handsome. No wonder you keep your eyes on it. I won't let you share any good things. A cheapskate. " Yin Xiaomei turned around and roared with guns.

'will you keep your voice down?' Tang Yao frowned and almost wanted to seal her mouth with plaster.

'Okay, I see. Is this the legendary class of senior three & lsquo; Painting God & rsquo; Hao Yaotian? "

'what painting God? Inexplicable. " Yin Xiaomei looks like a flower maniac. It would be great if she were seen by the people inside. Tang Yao tried her best to nurse and dragged Yin Xiaomei away.

After entering the classroom, she was interrogated by Yin Xiaomei again. Yin Xiaomei always sees wind and rain. Now that she has caught the handle, how can she stop for three days and nights?

Tang Yao covered her ears without any desire to speak. She closed her lips and said nothing. In math class, Tang Yao's soul wandered outside the sky, holding a pen and smearing it on draft paper all the time. Tang Yao didn't hear a word of what the teacher said, but saw her lips wriggling.

Girls are not interested in the content of mathematics and chemistry, let alone beauty? Tang Yao's math has always been bad, so she has always convinced herself for this reason. When the bell rang after class, Tang Yao woke up. Yin Xiaomei was reading out something loudly on the podium with her draft book. She didn't hear the other words clearly, but three words' Hao Yaotian 'slipped into her ears.

"Yin Xiaomei, I want to break up with you." She went to the podium with a overcast face, grabbed the draft in Yin Xiaomei's hand and tore it to pieces. A burst of inexplicable pain in her heart made her frown slightly. What's the matter today?


The moonlight splashed into the room through the glass window, illuminating the pink world clearly. This room is Tang Yao's favorite and her dream territory. At the moment, she was staring at the oil painting on the wall. The woman in this oil painting has a look like her. She is her mother.

This picture was painted by my father himself. It had been hanging in his room. But when his father left, he didn't take it away. He just hung it in Tang Yao's room. It was an unbearable memory. His mother stole all his father's savings for his first love who failed to invest in business. Tang Yao only remembered that at that time, her mother knelt down and begged her father not to investigate again. She carried the debt.

That night, my father was alone in the living room, smoking packets of cigarettes. The smoke ring made the whole hall like clouds, choking her to cough. At that time, Tang Yao was still young and didn't understand the disputes between these adults. Years later, she realized that her father didn't love money at that time. What he loved was his heart. After years of marriage, he never got his mother's heart. For him, it is a failure in life.

Father and mother are the victims of a commercial marriage. They had their own partners, but they were forcibly separated. Dad's fiancee married less than half a year after he got married. After that, Dad no longer had illusions. Maybe it was empathy. He poured all his love into his mother. But her mother's heart has always been concerned about her first lover. It hasn't changed for many years. When she was ten, her mother died of depression. After mom died, dad didn't marry again.

Tang Yao thought that his father would forget it from then on, but he never thought that he had been bitter. When Tang Yao was 15 years old, her father moved out and left her only a credit card. She said that the girl's home was big and needed her own space. It was always inconvenient to live with her father. Tang Yao knew that those were just his excuses. She knew that her father didn't want to see her. Because as long as he sees Tang Yao, he will think of his mother. Once he thought of his mother, he felt heartache. He once said that it was a bone etching pain. Tang Yao never forgot this sentence.

After that, my father seldom goes back to this house. He just cooks a delicious meal for her on weekends. The rest of the time, Tang Yao bought her own Bento or cooked instant noodles. She began to hate her mother's first lover. If it weren't for him, her mother wouldn't die depressed, and her father wouldn't leave her. She vowed that if she had the chance to meet him, she would make him pay the price.

Tang Yao walked into the kitchen. There was a bowl of instant noodles in the pool and a basin of soaked clothes in the bathroom. She sighed. She had to clean it up by herself. Otherwise, I'm afraid cockroaches will climb out of the room, right? It was midnight after washing dishes and pots, washing clothes and cleaning up. Tang Yao lay down on the bed and looked at the ceiling in a daze. Why do others have parents' pain, but they have to face this long night. She suddenly wanted to go back ten years ago and lie in the warm arms of her parents.

The calendar points to two twenty-eight, that's & hellip& hellip; Isn't it your birthday? At that time, my mother always gave her a birthday present, and then opened the present, cut the cake and sang birthday songs together. But now, the scenery is still the same, but personnel are completely different. Tang Yao kept all those birthday gifts, none of them missing. However, people are gone, and these things can only increase sadness.

Thinking of these, Tang Yao's eyes overflowed with tears. She really wanted someone to love herself. But where will that man be? In her sleep, a figure slowly emerged, raised a bad smile at the corners of her mouth, and wiped away her falling tears.


When she woke up, Tang Yao found her little bear pillow wet. This pillow is also a birthday gift from her mother one year. Thinking of this, Tang Yao couldn't help but red her eyes again.

The purple crystal lying in the bottle on the desk looked so comfortable that Tang Yao looked at it for a long time. Yin Xiaomei said that this crystal is called 'fate'. I don't know whether she really understands it or makes it up.

There was a harsh sound of car brakes downstairs. She opened the window and looked down. She accidentally saw a familiar figure. Is that him again? Hao Yaotian. She had seen him three times in only two days. What does that mean?

As if possessed, she ran downstairs without thinking. But when he saw him, Tang Yao was stunned. Haoyaotian is not alone. There is a beautiful girl standing beside him. A lock of beautiful black hair falls like a waterfall, and a pair of beautiful eyes are like stars. The skin color is white and beautiful. It really deserves to be a beauty. Tang Yao looked at it for a while and was a little jealous.

'Hao Yaotian, you have rejected me seven times. You bastard, have no conscience, not a person. " The girl put her hands in her waist and didn't care about her dress as a lady.

'su Meier, my patience is limited. Have you scolded enough? If you scold enough, leave immediately. " Because he was angry, Hao Yaotian's face was not good-looking.

'Hao & hellip& hellip; Yao & hellip& hellip; God, you have seed. Don't regret it. " Su mei'er turned and wanted to go. Suddenly she hit Hao Yaotian's face with her shoes.

'good. Sue, remember what you said today. From today on, we broke up and have nothing to do with it. " Hao Yaotian's face changed from red to blue. It can be seen that he is very angry.

Tang Yao stood aside, Zhang Dazhong