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We also believe that there is someone who believes in love as much as we do

When the play was over, people left one after another. Because the opening is coming.

Life is like a play, in which we keep repeating. No matter how reluctant we are to leave, the play will end in the end.

Love is like a sad drama. For lucky people, it is a happy drama. No matter how beautiful the beginning is and how hard the process is, the ending is always related to sadness. The lucky people may be taken away by happiness, and the left people will continue to play.

The sleeping beauty in fairy tales lived happily ever after meeting the prince, while the real one slept soundly ever after.

The lovely clown smiled for the audience, although he was exhausted and didn't care. When the play was over and the scene was over, he took off his makeup and cried.

The girl heard from others that if she wants to keep her beloved, as long as the wind chime is hung all over the street corner, the wind chime will bring your beloved back. The girl hung it hard, and suddenly accidentally, the wind chime fell off it. Broken, broken all over the ground, the girl picked it up carefully. No matter how she picked it up, the girl looked at her hands covered with blood, and finally cried with her arms.

What do you say? Hook, draw and hang a hundred. Don't change & hellip& hellip;

Applause broke out, PA ~ PA ~ PA ~ the scene ended. Both Barbie dolls and clowns returned to their original position. They cried, laughed, hurt, hated, complained, happy, happy, persistent, put down and couldn't put down. They should dry their tears and leave with a smile.

I've walked, seen and stopped. Even so, sometimes I still can't understand the so-called love. Is love numb to modern people? Is the happiness in love like an afterlife for everyone? But why do we still believe that there is true love in this world? The story in the TV series is so romantic and sincere, but it seems that it will never happen to us. However, we still believe that there is true love in this world, that the world is not so bad, and there is a person who believes in true love like us.