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Compose a movement of gratitude

Some people say that life is a mirror. If you smile at it, it also smiles at you *; You cry at it, and it cries at you. Come to think of it, isn't it? In the face of all kinds of gifts and tests, love and injustice given by God, we may not be able to change the fact of life, but we can face it with another state of mind.

People come to this world, is a gift. God gave everyone a pair of black eyes, a sound arm and a kind heart. Everyone comes to this world to be grateful. Thanksgiving for life, family, love and friendship & hellip;

Every process from the beginning to the end of life is full of expectation, surprise, joy, sadness and resentment & hellip

There are always frustrations and setbacks in the journey of life, and there are always many things that make people sad and resentful. Don't be sad, don't complain, and don't be angry, because this is life. Life needs to add all kinds of spices, so that life won't be monotonous and boring. As a story says, when each of us is complaining that we don't have 'shoes', should we think of the poor people who don't have' feet '.

Everyone has a bad time, maybe because of life, maybe work, maybe marriage, love..... But these are the rugged journey of life that each of us must complete. Every moment, we should remember that living is hope, living is miracle, living is grace, and life is always the most priceless. Every morning we wake up, we see the first ray of white sunshine scattered on ourselves, breathing the fresh air, and looking at the crystal clear dew drops on the green mulberry leaves in the window. It seems that we are all a new life, full of hope and vitality.

Most people spend their time in lamenting and complaining. We are always lamenting why God is so unfair to me, why I don't have a rich parent, why I don't have outstanding talent and outstanding beauty.....

We have never calmed down to meditate on ourselves, even if we simply think about why we live and how we live to the present. We can laugh, we can cry, we can see the blue sky and the billowing sea. Is it a gift? We actually have a lot of happiness we don't realize. Don't envy the happiness that others have. What you think you don't have may be on your way; What you think others have may be on the way. There are some people in life who rub shoulders with us, but it's too late to meet them; Met, but it was too late to meet; Acquaintance, but it is too late to be familiar; Familiar, but still have to say goodbye.

Be good to yourself, because a lifetime is not long; Be nice to your parents because they are bitter. Therefore, from today on, we try to feel their giving with our heart and respond to their paying with our heart. I believe that the scene of "the tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop, and the son wants to raise but doesn't wait" will never become the most painful thing in our heart. Life is so short, cherish everything you have. Learn to understand the meaning of life and appreciate everyone around you.