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Endure loneliness

Lonely, lonely, for the proletariat we are not lacking, from now on, a classmate asked me if you are lonely, I answered casually, can you not be lonely at school alone every day? Not many friends. He quietly explained: loneliness is that your heart is empty and you want to find the opposite sex. Loneliness is that there are not many like-minded people who understand you

People always have a characteristic is to want more people to understand their excellent side and let more people understand themselves! Maybe I want to know how sad I am if I am excellent but don't have a opposite sex to understand myself! At this time, I feel a little like this, but I mostly choose to insist. If I am not excellent, I will change myself. If my habits can make me excellent, I will insist. For the temporary lack of interest, we must hold!

There will always be lonely and beautiful moments in life. Without comparison, happiness is just a very vague concept! Experience more things, whether it's the right side or the bad side to our senses, and the ultimate benefit is ourselves!

Some people will say that I am not afraid of setbacks, but I am afraid of setbacks all my life! In fact, I feel that life is like learning. If you have the right method, the ending will not be found! Talent almost passed! Maybe some people think that life depends on opportunities! In fact, this opportunity is the same as multiple-choice questions. If you don't learn well and are not fully prepared, you have to take a chance. If your opportunity is not good, you will choose the wrong one. If you are prepared, do you still need to rely on 'opportunity' for each multiple-choice question? Usually be prepared for life, seize an opportunity, maybe you will succeed! Why do you have to do multiple-choice questions every day!

Money is very important. For people who think they can't earn a lot of money, they tangle with small interests. Will a billionaire tangle with tens of thousands of dollars? For us, for the time being, that is really a big number. We should be honest and believe that our life value should be more than this number. We don't have to restrain ourselves!

Many people think that they are unhappy when they live. In fact, happiness and unhappiness are just what they get and whether what they have can meet their 'ambition'. When it comes to the lowest bottom line, it's good as long as their family and their friends are alive. This is the lowest bottom line. We think there are only two kinds of people who can do this calmly: first, protein. 2、 Saint! What are your expectations? It depends on your own situation and try to make yourself happier!

It is said that self-control is very important. I think self-control is to control your behavior and emotions! We have different ways of controlling everything. For example, if we want to buy a dress that we can't afford, we can think about it, but we should control our behavior. If we buy clothes, we won't have money to eat. We can think about it. If we think about it, we can also increase the motivation to earn money and realize our value! When it comes to controlling your emotions, for example, when others deceive your feelings, you are very sad. At this time, you need to adjust your mentality, that is, control your emotions. Colleagues should also control their behavior. You can't be dumped. You are still pitiful but pester each other every day!

People live, struggle, study and work hard. In the final analysis, it is to make themselves happy! I hope my essay can add a little happiness to all spectators!