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The rainbow in my heart ---- never falling hope

We really need some graffiti on white paper. Let's change slowly and grow up slowly.... Slowly go through the vicissitudes of life..

Never had a sense of frustration, why,? I just don't understand why those of them who have signed up can't reply to my flying letter. It only takes one minute to make the people waiting in front of the computer feel at ease and less anxious. But how many people are willing to take such a minute to comfort others who have nothing to do with them?

All they know is that as a campus supervisor, I can get more commission. But who has seen the contract? The contract stipulates not only the number of people to be recruited, but also the sales performance to be completed and the specified time. Moreover, I need to pay more deposit for the signing of the sales contract. If one contract cannot be completed, it will be automatically terminated and I won't get anything.

Because of time, I can only start from 8:30 to 10:30 every night, shuttle through the dormitory, look at them who are college students, say what they have said hundreds of times, and sometimes have to face the silent indifference of others. Finally, even the reply of Feixin has become a luxury.

I'm really sorry to let the two managers go for nothing today. Originally, there should be 22 people, but in the end, there were only six people. Isn't it ironic and frustrating that none of the six people are willing to sign a contract?

But I can't give up. Why? It's really not because of money, but because I don't want to have my first contact with society. Lose credit; The first thing you don't want to do, don't do what you promise. Maybe I can't get anything in the end, but at least I can live up to myself.

Because of disappointment, guilt and frustration, I'm really not happy.

Of course, this is not the problem of who is sorry, because I always think that no one is sorry for who, only who thinks who is sorry for who, why take what I think is sorry to hurt my weak heart?

A movie says, 'what is a dream? In fact, it is a process of persistence. If you persist, it may not be realized. But the process of persistence itself is a success. You can do it! " I can't say what I'm doing now is for my dream, because it's not. And what I pursue is really not success. What kind of mentality did I hold at the beginning? I really don't know.

But it's definitely not a playful attitude. Anyway, now I have no choice but to insist. I really feel a little tired. But who can comfort me? Who will give me some hope in such a crisis? Who else would give me encouragement instead of pouring cold water. I don't want to hear, this is society, because it's just an excuse. I hope there is someone who will tell me that no matter what happens, I will support you. I'm with you. But my aunt said this was society. He said he didn't like me to do this and that.

I said to myself, or give up, but no, you can't give up! So the two voices crossed.. I'm pushing myself, but I need someone to tell me that I need to relax.


But even if we are frustrated, what can we do? Do you just give up? no In fact, this and that happened around me. There are always many things that are not satisfactory, so we need to tell ourselves that we are the best and we need to give ourselves some encouragement. So when we were unhappy, I asked myself '* * *, can you not care?' Of course, care will also be forced to say don't care, ha ha.

So young people, come on. Although the atmosphere is very polluted now and there will be no rainbow after the wind and rain, the rainbow in our hearts can rise every day... It represents not giving up, the hope to face the wind and rain again, the hope for yourself and the enthusiasm for life

The earth will not change the speed because of the disappearance of you and me, but some people on the earth have changed their lives because of us. This person is ourselves. Let your life be comforted...