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sleep in the same bed but dream different dreams

When the car stopped in the small town, a ray of sunshine was squeezing in through the gap in the curtain. A man's heart is as warm as the winter sunshine. A man comes to this small town thousands of miles away to meet a woman, a woman he misses so much.

A month ago, men and women met on the Internet. Men were soon conquered by women's beauty, and women were deeply fascinated by men's style.

The man said his wife was terminally ill. He took care of his wife in addition to going to work every day. He said he was empty. The woman said her husband was doing business outside. She took care of her children in addition to surfing the Internet every day. She said she was lonely.

Men say that emptiness is because of loneliness and emptiness, and loneliness is because of emptiness and loneliness. Women are intoxicated when they hear it. She praises men. You're so charming.

When the man was proud, the wife in bed began to hum bitterly. No, she wet the bed. The man said goodbye to the woman in a hurry. Looking at his wife's thin body, the man sighed and it was time to wipe her again.

The woman stared at the screen and watched the man's head go dark. She couldn't help feeling a little disappointed. She held her cheek for a moment, then reluctantly climbed into bed. On one side of the bed, her husband slept like a dead pig.

Later, the chat between men and women became more and more speculative, and the relationship became closer and closer.

Finally one day, the man and the woman proposed at the same time that we meet. Looking at the same words on the screen, they smiled tacitly.

On a snowy evening, the man asked his neighbor Zhang Ma to look after his wife on the grounds of his business trip. Zhang Ma happily agreed. The man jumped out of the house like a child who got the sugar, hummed to the station and hurried to catch the North train.

At noon the next day, it was fine after the snow. In this small northern town, men met women as they wished. The man gave the woman a bunch of roses. He praised it. It was so beautiful. A blush appeared on the woman's face. She lowered her head to smell the flowers. Is it beautiful or beautiful?

People are as beautiful as flowers. The man answered wisely. The woman's heart blossomed with joy. She buried her head in the man's wide chest. you are so annoying. A woman's conversation turns, but I like it.

The man said, let's go to the 'ice and snow world'. The woman said yes.

Two people came to the 'ice and snow world' hand in hand. Because it has just snowed, the snow in the 'ice and snow world' has accumulated more than a foot high. At a glance, it looks like a long white grassland. The man had a whim. He said, let's write down the names of our loved ones in the snow. The woman said yes.

wait a minute. At this time, an old man with the white hair and young face came from behind. He said, don't worry first. I have two bottles of the sincere water here. Dare you drink it?

What is sincere water? The man and woman asked curiously.

Zhenxin water is a kind of liquid medicine. The effect can only last for one minute. Within a minute of taking it, your actions and words are sincere. Said the old man. The man grabbed one of the bottles and poured it down with his head up. The woman also took another bottle and drank it up without hesitation.

OK, now write the name of the person you think of. Said the old man.

Men and women can't wait to write it out. A minute later, the old man disappeared. Men and women wake up from a dream. They can't believe looking at the names on the snow: Men write the name of another woman, while women write the name of another man.

A man hates himself in his heart. How can he write down his wife's name? The woman also wondered in her heart, how could she write down her husband's name? The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. They seemed to have a winter in their hearts.

The woman was silent for a long time, biting her lips and asking, do we seem to have a strange dream in the same bed? Fortunately, we haven't slept together yet. The man replied with a frightened face( Source: Guangzhou Daily)