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Life is like cooking

I don't know when I began to like cooking. Maybe I watched my mother's stove when I was a child and watched her wash all kinds of vegetables, put them into the pot, fry them and put them on the table. I've always enjoyed the process of cooking. I put all kinds of spices and colorful vegetables into the pot. After a while, I came out with plates of delicious dishes like magic. Especially when I saw my family and friends destroy all those things like a whirlwind, That sense of achievement is no less than the moment when my article was published.

I still remember when I first entered the kitchen when I was about ten years old. At that time, I was excited to invent a dish that others had never cooked - fried peaches! I don't know what I thought at that time, but I got the unanimous support of my parents. So the peach pieces that I cut so badly were quickly thrown into the oil pan. After some stir frying, they actually added egg cakes, salt and monosodium glutamate. When they came out of the pan, they didn't forget to pour sesame oil -- however, the taste was very bad. I tasted it myself and didn't take another bite, but my parents ate up a large plate of fried peaches with strange taste. Until now, every time I made innovative dishes, my father said it was the foundation of 'fried peaches' in those years.

When I worked outside alone and lived in the dormitory, a small kitchen board, a kitchen knife, an electric frying pan and a small steamer on the floor became all my kitchen facilities. Although the facilities are very simple, they still make my life interesting. At the beginning, it was a bowl of noodles, a poached egg and two small and exquisite steamed dumplings that gave Kuang his husband who lived in the same dormitory but could only eat out every day. He said, I have never seen a girl who can cook just after graduation. Although I am not beautiful, I must be virtuous enough. Of course, in fact, I am neither beautiful nor particularly virtuous. At best, I know the whole thing. So, up to now, my husband has never regretted it. The husband and wife have been together for 14 years. Although there are occasional frictions, they are still in harmony and love.

The kitchen at home has not always been my own world. Whoever is free always cooks. Especially when my son is older, he becomes more and more picky about eating. Today he wants to eat the braised fish made by my father, tomorrow he wants to eat the four happiness balls made by my mother, the day after tomorrow he wants my father to steam the crab, and the day after tomorrow he wants my mother to stew the ribs soup & hellip& hellip; Being tossed by his little carnivore, my husband and I are not only improving by leaps and bounds, but also striving for perfection. Occasionally, I am too lazy to do it and get a stir fry of vegetables. People immediately say that I have a tendency to abuse children. Of course, if you cook delicious food, you will also be praised. He will say, 'parents, it's a pity that you don't open a restaurant. How many people can't eat such delicious food!' Being fooled by others, our husband and wife immediately won the grand prize and asked the little guy to continue ordering the menu for the next day. The family of three has added a lot of fun because of the round-trip between the small kitchen and the dining table.

If you live at home, you can't avoid three meals a day. If you think about it carefully, the taste of life is actually as follows: cooking in the kitchen. How it tastes depends on your own careful cooking. Less seasoning, no taste; Too much seasoning spoils the original authenticity of the dish; If you accidentally put too much salt, you know it is salty and astringent; If you accidentally put the wrong ginger and vinegar, you will feel bitter. If you can have a tolerant heart like your parents, even the worst dishes will be happy. If you have a picky taste like children, even the most delicious dishes may not suit your appetite.