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Squeezed flowers

There is a pot of tiger skin orchid at home. The leaves are plump and lush. When it is more than two meters high, the trees are next to each other, and the leaves squeeze the leaves. The flowerpot is too small to supply water and fertilizer. So I changed the big flowerpot. Quietly, I don't know how long it took. When watering, I found a small bud like a bamboo shoot close to the edge of the flower pot. I asked my wife to recognize it. She said, 'the wild grass seed brought from the soil has sprouted. Dig it out.' I said, 'it's also a bud of life. Let it grow.' In this way, it is like an abandoned child who nobody cares about, struggling silently on the edge of life. I don't know how many days later, a round stem with a curly needle was drilled and unearthed. After a few days, the needle opened, a 'heart' shaped leaflet. After careful identification, it was actually a 'dripping Guanyin'! However, it is so weak, so delicate, so humble, so pitiful. It is quite different from the behemoths around it. Hard flowerpot edge, lonely and ownerless. Without special care and sufficient water and fertilizer, they are allowed to live and die, grow and disappear. Even the spectators ignored its existence and just said, 'this pot of hupilan looks very good.'

A year later, it stubbornly pulled out a few leaflets; Two years later, it stubbornly squeezed out several leaflets; Three years later, it actually did not admit defeat to grow more than ten large leaves like a cattail fan. The veins are clear and the color is oil green, which is very popular. The trunk arm is thick and thin, one head higher than the nearby hupilan, which has a great tendency to dominate.

One morning, when I got up, a flash of light flashed in front of me. Looking closer, I exclaimed: '& lsquo; Dripping Guanyin & rsquo; It's blooming! " Oh, the flower squeezed out is an elf in the flower. It is as white as snow, soft as clouds, elegant, quiet, crystal clear and spotless. It's as fresh as dripping water from flowers.

After watching it for some time, I cut it off and put it in the page. I hope it will be accompanied by books for a long time, telling the philosophy of life and its own story.