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Love travels with her mother on Mother's day

It coincides with may in early summer. The wind is light and the clouds are clear. The weather makes people feel particularly comfortable. Just after the May Day holiday, mother's day, '520' and other festivals about family affection and love also follow, which also gives people more reasons to travel. In this loving may day, you might as well hold your mother's hand and your lover's arm, leaving warm footprints in the green mountains and green waters.

Mother is the one who loves us most selflessly in the world. This weekend's mother's day, you might as well take your mother to a leisure trip to relax in the green mountains and green waters; Share the fun of deep-sea fishing on the island; Or take my mother to remember those past youth years & hellip& hellip; No matter which way, it's important to be grateful when you travel with your mother.

There are many trips on Mother's day

The "May Day" promotion boom has just ended, and the wave of mother's Day is coming. Major travel agencies play the "mother card" and not only launch a variety of "mother's Day" themed tourism routes for citizens to choose, but also play preferential promotion cards to attract female tourists to sign up. In addition to the single Festival preferential registration and promotion, some travel agencies have made great efforts to purchase relevant tourism resources and tailor-made Festival themed line products to meet the needs of a wider range of tourists.

Scenic spots are also awesome during the mother's day. It is reported that in Sanshui lotus world, three people will travel together on May 12 and 13, and one mother can enjoy a 50% discount on the ticket. On May 12 and 13, Nanhai great Wetland Park and Nanhai welfare home jointly held the activity of "I'll be a day's mother for children in the welfare home". Enthusiastic female friends can call Nanhai great Wetland Park to register from now on. The whole process of the activity is free. In addition, on Mother's day, those who travel with their mother can avoid their mother's admission to the Wetland Park, and the top 100 mothers who enter the scenic spot will be given a carnation.

The mother's Day theme routes launched by major travel agencies cover a wide range, mainly focusing on leisure, shopping and parent-child travel. Citizens can choose according to their mother's preferences and age characteristics. For example, older mothers with nostalgia can choose to go to Guilin to taste the best landscapes in the world and rush to the third sister Liu Song Club; Or go to Guangzhou red brick factory to remember the past and touch the future.

For young mothers, a short trip to Hong Kong and Macao is also a good choice. It is understood that many businesses in Hong Kong and Macao have a lot of promotions for mothers every 'mother's Day', especially skin care products, cosmetics and clothing. Therefore, many citizens go shopping in Hong Kong and Macao to celebrate 'mother's Day' during the discount season.

The reporter learned from Guangzhi tour that from the current registration of Hong Kong and Macao tour on Mother's day, in addition to the regular shopping tour routes welcomed by the public, the parent-child tour routes to Hong Kong during mother's day are also particularly welcomed by young families.


Dating Third Sister Liu

Destination: Guilin, Yangshuo

Key words: Nostalgia

For mothers who grew up in the past 50 years, Liu Sanjie's song accompanied them to grow up. On this mother's day, with the memory of youth, you might as well go to Guilin to see the third sister and listen to her folk songs.

Guangdong CITS (Foshan) launched "Guilin Yangshuo double flying four-day sunset red" in May, which is an elderly group specially tailored for the elderly. Climbing Diecai mountain and boating on the Lijiang River by bamboo raft are indispensable scenic spots; In the evening, I went to the theater to enjoy the large-scale song and dance performance of Third Sister Liu. If your mother is a fan of Third Sister Liu, you can also meet Huang wanqiu, the actor of the film Third Sister Liu, take a group photo with third sister and listen to her singing!

Compared with Guilin, Yangshuo has a different charm.


Enjoy the blue sea and blue sky

Destination: Beihai, Techeng Island

Key words: Leisure

Summer is the season to play the sea. South China Sea China Travel launched a two-day tour of "playing around Zhucheng Beihai and romantic island Techeng island" in May, opening a cool and leisure trip for mother's day.

Beihai Shili silver beach is known as Hawaii in China. It is characterized by 'Long Beach, white sand and soft waves', coupled with the mild southern climate, it is refreshing and pleasant to enjoy the sunshine, ocean and beach. The window of the sea presents the most beautiful and gorgeous side of the underwater world incisively and vividly in front of people. With its novel theme and unique positioning, it goes beyond the old theme of marine fish.

Techeng island is an island fishing village with a long history in Zhanjiang. Since the founding fathers of Kaiji moved to Techeng in the late Southern Song Dynasty, islanders have been on the island for about 800 years. You can ride a bicycle through the main scenic spots on the island, such as the jungle cabin area, beach style bar street, indigenous villages, mangroves and so on. Mangroves are a great scenic spot of Techeng island. Different from mangroves in other places, mangroves in Techeng Island grow at the junction of beach and sea, with special scenery.


Relive 'mother's taste'

Destination: senbora Resort

Key words: parent-child

Perhaps the most direct memory many people have of their mother is her mother's specialty. The "Qingyuan senbora wonderful world, glacier water valley two-day group" launched during Foshan CITS mother's day will lead tourists to taste ten creative "mother's dishes" in senbora jungle restaurant to find the taste of former mothers.

Senbora resort also has a comprehensive resort integrating hot spring and water world. With the theme of glacier tsunami, its glacier water valley water park is divided into six regions, with more than 20 thrilling water amusement projects and more than a dozen hydraulic impact massage spa facilities. Senbora animation world is located in Yangjiao landscape resort Forest Park, which reproduces the ruins of ancient tribal castle in Yangjiao mountain and spinulose rainforest in Jurassic, and creates scenic spots and facilities such as forest theater, wetland square, happy bamboo forest, cherry blossom mountain, Baihua island and Swan Lake. Senbora theater created a domestic "forest theme show" to convey senbora's ancient history and stories( Source: Guangzhou Daily)