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younger sister

There is a sister at home. We as sisters will fear her a little. We work hard, but we are kind-hearted. Since childhood, she will take care of her sister. She belongs to a person full of love in her heart. Become their own home, but also wholeheartedly pay for their husband and children.

In the evening, I eat alone and face the computer. My niece called and asked me to eat in their restaurant. My sister's restaurant is diagonally opposite me. In fact, I've had seven full points. I used to chat a few words. My brother-in-law got up to leave after eating. He knew that his brother-in-law was a restless man. My sister asked him if he was still out? My brother-in-law lightly replied yes.

Men are so natural and unrestrained. If they throw their two children to the women at home, they can go out to work and play. Anyway, my sister doesn't have many consultants. I can see her helplessness. As a woman, I understand my sister and may be used to it. My sister and I are different in character. She is tolerant, patient, content and hardworking. Anyway, my brother-in-law is also working hard and earning a good income, supporting the family and undertaking the most basic responsibilities as a man. He gave all his money to his sister, who no longer seemed to expect more. Every time my brother-in-law comes back, he will serve good food. My brother-in-law is spoiled by my sister like a big child. Sister's trick to keep a man is to treat him well. I guessed it in my eyes. My sister is actually a fool. Careful eyes often suffer. Can't tolerate small things, lose big things. My sister thinks she can be inferior to her men. I think she should at least be equal. My sister is very good at outsiders, but she is very good at talking to her husband. And I am very tolerant to outsiders and have high requirements for the closest people. Maybe I'm wrong. But I think I care, so I care.

My brother-in-law is rarely seen. He is a workaholic, day and night. In his spare time, he also entertains himself, hunting, catching crabs, catching fish and shrimp. My brother-in-law is 2 years younger than my sister. My sister worries about all the big and small things at home. As long as he can go home every night, his sister has no requirements for him. A man is a handful of sand in his hand. You can't squeeze it tightly, or you'll end up empty handed. In the past, his sister's character was not like this. He was very old and emotional about his husband. But the tighter you control, the tighter the atmosphere at home. After quarreling, quarreling and fighting, the days still have to continue. After the running in period, it doesn't matter if you look at it. She is very satisfied with many women around her who are not as good as her. Contentment is always a blessing.

My brother-in-law and sister are junior high school students. I heard that my sister chased him. My brother-in-law is a little handsome. My sister treats people very well. She likes it and gives it all. My brother-in-law's family is also very general. My mother was mentally ill when my brother-in-law was 5 years old. My father was a stone Carver and had a sister. At that time, because there were three girls in our family, my sister and I were married, and my father planned to leave my sister at home. But there was only one boy in my brother-in-law's family. For this, my father went to my brother-in-law's father without telling everyone. The result is still nothing. My sister can't give up her feelings for this reason. Finally, it was decided to make incense on both sides and build a new house on both sides. In the future, there will be two children, the first surname is my brother-in-law's surname, and the second is ours. As a result, the first child was a girl and the second child was a boy. My brother-in-law was very trustworthy. My nephew's registered permanent residence is in our village. This is very important to my father and fulfilled his last wish.

In fact, my brother-in-law's father died in a car accident before his brother-in-law got married. My brother-in-law has been a soldier for four years, and my sister has been waiting for him for four years. Soon after he came back, his father had an accident, and they did all the work of getting married. My sister is very considerate of her brother-in-law. She is very kind. I remember last year, my brother-in-law's relatives found a group photo of him with his grandparents and aunts when he was 6 years old. Probably in early autumn, my brother-in-law was still wearing sandals, and my sister was distressed. My sister will feel that a child without a mother is like a grass. She loves him. He suffered a lot when he was a child.

After marriage, most of my sisters live in my brother-in-law's house and rarely go back to my mother's house. My brother-in-law's house was two bungalows at that time (now through the hard work of two people, there are two big houses in the suburban area) and a mentally ill mother-in-law. My sister made the home very warm.

My sister is a person who is afraid of loneliness. Since childhood, there are many children in our family, like a kindergarten. We like to play with children, the one much younger than us. As a result, after marriage, my sister still likes to call the children in the new environment home to play. At that time, I had a daughter. My sister loved my daughter very much. When they got married, my daughter was more than three years old. She stood in front of them and left a picture. I stayed at their house all the time. When I found it that day, my niece exclaimed, 'Mom, how could I stand in front of you when you got married?' Because my daughter is very similar to my sister's daughter, very beautiful, with big eyes and the same face. So that the niece thought it was herself and made a joke.

I remember when my sister was a child, she always liked to steal my clothes. At that time, I was not sensible. I didn't look like my sister. I was angry when I couldn't find my clothes. Until then, she always wore my clothes to date. Now there are girls next door who ask me for clothes and say they like my clothes. Yesterday, someone came to borrow clothes and said to do it as it is. I don't know what's good about my clothes. I don't buy famous brands. They are usually very cheap. It's just that I know what I wear, which is the most important. Not necessarily for others. Because I wear my clothes, I remember I had a fight with my sister. It was really small.

To tell the truth, it is universally acknowledged that my sister doesn't look like this. Of course, she's not as good as me. My sister always hated her because my father said she was not good-looking. There may be a deeper reason because the father wanted a son, and the mother gave birth to a daughter. The father didn't go home to take care of his mother and sister. My sister and father are always uncomfortable. I can see that there is a shadow in her heart. I guess so.

In fact, my sister is the most confident, happiest and real. She loves life and dares to pursue her own happiness. It's better for me to be passive in everything except sentimentality and wait for the arrangement of fate. From my sister, I can see that fate has something to do with character. Happiness is the inner feeling. When you are satisfied, you are willing to suffer.