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The secret between father and son

Father and son lived in the simple room downstairs. They go to pick up junk during the day and live here when they come back at night.

The father looks like he is in his forties, and the son is in his teens. Sadly, they are all disabled and walk around. His father is hunchback and looks only one meter six; The son looks good, but his feet are bad. They went limping to pick up junk. The only means of transportation was the old tricycle.

When I moved, I gave them all the things I didn't want -- old books, old newspapers, old furniture and a small bed. I said, 'no money, I gave it to you.'

They were moved. In this way, we know each other.

The man's surname is Bai. He came from Anhui. Because she was poor, her daughter-in-law left with others. He led his children to the North alone to find a way out and live by picking up rags.

I quietly told my neighbors to sell them any junk. Of course, it would be better if it could be given to them.

Men are reluctant to spend a penny. They wear those old clothes all year round and buy new clothes for their children only during the new year. They still spent the new year in a simple house. Someone sent them dumplings. I sent them bacon from my unit. He said gratefully, 'it's nice to be in the city.'

He is dull and unwilling to say more. One day, my neighbor suddenly said to me. Lao Bai seems to have an object.

I said, 'really. Who likes him? "

I did see it once later.

She is a woman who also pulls a child. She lives locally and has her own house. She plans to spend time with him. Lao Bai didn't want to& lt;

I'm a little puzzled. Go and ask Lao Bai. Lao Bai was smoking, bag after bag. He said: 'I dare not get married. First, I am afraid of delaying others; Second, I have to save money. The operation on his son's leg cost more than 100000 yuan. The doctor said the sooner the better. I can't let him walk around. I can't get married. Once married, the burden is heavy. " When he said this, Lao Bai was very serious.

Later, I didn't see Lao Bai for many days. I always suspected that he had gone out of town. The simple house was also demolished. Just pity the parents all over the world, more than 100000. When can I save enough?! Later, I heard one thing. Tears fell down at that time.

Something happened to my friend's company. My friend is a builder and hired a man. I didn't work for a few days, but I fell downstairs. The company wanted to treat him, but he said, 'don't treat me. I'm in my 40s. Pay me some money and operate on my son.'

The people in the company couldn't understand and were even less willing to give the money.

The man cried and said, 'please, operate on him, I & hellip& hellip; I did it on purpose & hellip& hellip; If there is an accident, you will lose money. I want you to operate on my son. It's not easy for the child to follow me; I also want to tell you, son & hellip& hellip; I picked up my son. I can't have children at all & hellip& hellip;'

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

The friend also cried. He told the people in the company to operate on his son and save him! Later, the child had surgery and no longer walked around. But men are still limping, and father and son still make a living by picking up rags. During the Spring Festival, the father and son sent some corn and potato to the boss of the company. They knew how to be grateful. The boss of the company still shuttles through the business field. But he couldn't forget the secret.

Lao Bai once said, 'I don't want my son to know this secret, because my son said I was the best father in the world.'

There are all kinds of secrets in the world. The most sad secret is that Lao Bai loves the child with all his heart, but the child's son doesn't know that Lao Bai is not his biological father.

Maybe the real love is like this: I love you without a trace of return; I love you, with my heart, with my life, with everything I have.