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A life without maternal love

Maternal love is my lifelong expectation. Without my mother, I can't have a perfect life. My toughness has been tempered in suffering. In the years when I lost my mother, I didn't have the childlike innocence I should have. I wanted to have the most real love, but it was so far away that I had no choice but to find my emotion in my dream & hellip& hellip;-- notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

A warm spring, I lost you, my mother, at that time I was too small, did not understand that, parting is life and death, only know you are not around crying, I cry dumb voice, I emaciated body, but you do not know, that spring world is so cold, without your gentle care. Without your warm arms, I don't know the warmth of the world, only know that you are not around, my heart in the bone cold, so I cry, I cry. My eyes darkened. There is no longer childlike innocence and childlike fun, I grew up in the eyes of others, no mother's children, poor. This is someone else's words. Can you hear me.

When I miss you at night, tears blur my clear eyes. When I fall down, it's not just pain on my body. I know that if you are here, you will be more painful, but all this has gone far.

Without you, I am like a swallow waiting for my mother's care,

Without you, I am like a stray dog, unable to find my way home,

Without you, I am like a withered grass, unable to find my own root.

I can't feel the warmth of the world without you.

Mom, you are my biggest regret in this life, because I don't have more opportunities to be with you. You are poor, but I am also sad,

I grew up in the dark years. I learned to dress, eat, play and sleep in the cold quilt,

I wake up crying in my dream countless times, I call in my heart thousands of times, mom, where are you?

How are you in that world? Are you also deeply concerned about your daughter? Are you also thinking about whether she can have enough food and clothing? I slowly forget you in my childhood memory. I grew up into a girl in pain and sadness. I don't have the luxury of others to eat and wear, and I don't have the romantic feelings of less girls. I don't ask too much for life. Just want to have maternal love for one day.

But I don't have the right to enjoy the warmth. Life is written with cruelty and tears are interpreted with heart. I taste the warmth of life. I try to face it myself. I miss you. There is a deep complex in my heart. How can I interpret my lonely life? Now I am used to facing the years when my mother doesn't care. How I hope that when I'm sad, your caress, when I cry, your comfort, when I'm frustrated, your encouragement, when I leave home, when I'm happy, your relieved smile, now, with things right and people wrong, now with life and death, now people and ghosts, now, I'm full of vicissitudes, but you will always be my heart's desire. It's a pity that I can't have in my life. Mom, I miss you. If I can meet you in the next life, I must experience your love and warm my cold feelings for a long time.