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Clear out the Zen heart and clear the cup of sorrow.

Since the red chaos, flowers residual, autumn to Hengsheng nobody.

But the string said Acacia, double heart word and years.

----It's really delicious

(Note: musical words are purely fictional)

Water color time, coincide with the flow of time, those old things new topic, told several desolate.

Write a flowing wine cup, write a song, worship the stars and the moon slowly, compose a song full of fragrance. I saw you at the beginning of that year. I was dressed in white plain clothes. I cut water and fixed my eyes. My ink was fragrant. A little step down on the pavilion, smile at the beautiful garden, gather together a water color flowers, fall into a dream, the dream of handsome blue shirt appearance.

Oh, you smile gently, light read, I will enter the thousands of years of waiting, rushed to a flower end of a dream. When I am poor, I weave a knot in my heart. Just because of you, I am rippled by a pool of ripples. Slowly try that song heart graceful childbirth of resentment, Huajian made an article.

You quietly step in my side, afraid of flowing through the green lotus, scorching the end of the world prodigal son, still can't hide your eyes full of warmth exile. Only one sentence: "Yangguan hometown, ask Yi is a flower admirer?" Words gently, heart pulse, such as the breeze, gentle that moment Rubik's cube. My eyes, full of cold and warm water, the court scenery, but also arrived at the time that silly crazy.

For you, I stand up alone, smiling and dancing. Your folding fan, shake long, slowly shake, all do not know, but planted my heart eternal injury.

Now, however, the vitality is gone. In this season, I'm tired of Fangfei and hate the red falling in the garden. It turns out to be a time when green is hard to be red and thin. The scene is so sad that the red falling on the ground makes my heart in disorder.

Sigh floating life like a dream, this way the heart word writing, thin shadow in dance, to ask your heart light Qinghuan, partial listen to the world of mortals, heart from bias, if two heart have send, how to give up wood stone gold league, how can you say two forget each other?

Always, living in a simple place, for you, I am willing to put a prosperous world, down a state of mind silver paper, sing a few times sad heartbreak. For you, I'm willing to fold my body and longevity words, sing a section of Yunshui Zen heart, compose a song of apricot blossom shadow, pick up a zither and plum blossom three ways, without consideration. For you, I'm willing to take the green lamp as my companion. I'll spend my whole life studying Buddhism. I'll turn the green lotus into a weak wick. In addition to your worries, I can easily write about participating in business.

Oh, come and go, come and go, live up to it in this life. Life is just like seeing for the first time, meet this life and the next life, who and the handle, in the years of the red world, count once, promise not to make that fireworks hot.

In the light smoke, I sit down, a paper, a inkstone, a word, a drop of ink into a book, stroke a Zheng sound. Because of you, shallow song and line, sit in water clouds, pick up a frame of water rhyme, meaningful engrave my plain face like frost.

Who, according to whom, in such a night, the dense rain carries the smell of soil?

The longitude and latitude of time, in the change of a thousand years of time, the sun and the moon shuttle, mountains and rivers, fingertips, will be sad into a flower in time, you can across the scar of time, and it is not about its complexity and trivial, how can you look at each other with tears.

Once speechless choked, past life and this life several times wipe shoulder, miss how many peach tree colorful get together. In this time of parting, there are many falling flowers. If there is a fate, your heart will come back, as always? If you hold hands, you can sigh that it is difficult to become a mandarin duck under the lotus.

This paper, separated from the water high-rise building, how to break the water, difficult to cut autumn hate, look at the stars fire, tears wet the vicissitudes of the heart. Oh, it's so helpless, so hesitating, so upset. Why is it so quiet and peaceful?

A green word, knead into the heart, inch Jin ink, in a hundred soft thousand Mei, Yingying bloom. The plain white of the old days is clear, simple and subtle. Living in those negative appearances, this kind of true feelings, more than the empty bag of poetry.

Stir up the light worry between the eyes and eyebrows, the fragrance disappears the falling flowers and wins, endows the pen with warmth, and turns it into ink fragrance without trace, distant and long & hellip& hellip;

Hunting the world of mortals, your appearance is deliberately 500 times Epiphyllum quietly put light years, looking back a smile, unexpectedly become forever carry frame. The vast sea of people, your arrival, I and three thousand soft, Feihong a glance, frame Sansheng, finally set sail.

Reciting the wind and shadow, the past of my fingertips, I walked across the lane with a blue umbrella beside the broken bridge. You cling to a koi and fall into the crowd

You said that after years of meeting, still less than the long years of warmth. However, that heart has the infatuation, I and seven color string sound, those Tang wind song rain, Wei Jin style most afraid to leave Xiaoxiang.

At that time, I drowned in three thousand ports, clinging to the vestiges of years, in a way of Kuang Wei Qing Huan, returning the glass for your whole life and keeping you safe for the rest of your life.

Over the years, pieces of flying flowers, lights at dusk, and do not forget your heart like my heart, the shadow of the screen. I use the pure truth to steal the time of shallow singing, even if the metabolism is depressed, even if the dust is turned into mud, jade loss fragrance.

And the world of mortals, clear out Zen heart, fate itself, only Acacia two words, worry all clear cup. The moon before life, water today, this past life, this life, it is no longer a word frivolous, no longer a season of change, sentence end into waste.