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Young love

Last year, I secretly fell in love with Sister Moon (naughty name for my mother).

At first, I didn't think I would have such emotional flowers with him, although he is still a good boy, although he really can laugh, and his smile is really charming and brilliant. But I still stubbornly excluded him according to my view of mate selection. I didn't do anything else, just because he was too short for me.

I remember at the end of August, I ended my full summer part-time job. In order to avoid unnecessary sadness of separation, I quietly packed my bags and prepared to return home the next day. But that evening, he hurried to the door of my dormitory, banged on the door, held my hand tightly and told me his deep love in tears. I looked at the big boy in front of me who was out of breath like a child, and my tears flowed gently into a winding river. I nodded silently, so we began a young love in tears.

He is a typical southern child with delicate skin and tender flesh, red lips and white teeth. He doesn't talk much and likes to laugh. When he smiles, he will show a whole row of clean teeth. Wearing a pair of small black framed glasses, he is quite bookish. He is a living cream boy. But this cream boy often does some very funny things.

I remember the first time I saw him wipe his glasses, I opened my mouth and was surprised to lose my chin. He gently took off his glasses, took a gentle breath, and then suddenly pulled up the corners of his clothes and applied them on the lenses. I wiped them carefully back and forth. Looking at that serious energy and a series of funny actions, I wish I could go up and smoke him twice. What's the focus? Another time, when he came to see me, his friends joked: 'your boyfriend is really delicate, graceful, definitely graceful.' I understand this sentence from the bottom of my heart. Although sometimes I think he should be more masculine than the men in the north, it doesn't matter. The beauty of softness in his heart doesn't have a unique meaning living in the handsome appearance of men. I raised my head, smiled and said, 'are you used to seeing the bold and rough men in the north?' After hearing this, he was also busy. The ox head whispered to the horse's mouth: 'we are a combination of North and south, and the curative effect is good!' After everyone was stunned, he laughed and turned the whole audience. He blushed, looked at me and everyone innocently, and buried his head bitterly and fiddled with the food.

To be fair, we were in love for a while, and my feelings for him were still the same, neither hot nor cold, because he still didn't let me make up my mind to fall in love at once. And he can always notice that those who are unhappy don't overdo it. They complain that I'm not serious. I shake my head and sigh happily in my heart: really! It's said that the boys in the south are very stingy. I'm really good at it now. I've learned it. " Love is a long and continuous action. We should give each other enough time to understand. " I said this to him seriously after having fun. He was not talking, but he gave me meticulous care and tolerance.

In the future, time hurried away. There were many happy, sad, gratified, disappointed and little things between us. From these subtle sadness and friction, I slowly understand him, including his family, his communication, his personality, his good and bad in all aspects, truth and cut. I feel more and more that he has many advantages worthy of my appreciation and love. What I like most is his steadiness, steadiness and realism; His self-confidence is measured and measured; He is honest, honest, filial, loving his mother and father. And his advantages are more or less affecting me and infecting me. But he also has the biggest headache for me, that is, crying. We often change roles between men and women. I comforted him like a big man. It was he who was wrong. He was made a scene by a few tears, which became my fault. I always think he deliberately bullied me like this, because he was so calm outside, in the circle of friends and at work. Calm life, brilliant smile.

He has also severely criticized my bad habits of waste, the awkward posture of eating, the stooping and hunchback of walking, the impoliteness of no sense of time, the indecency of crossing my legs, and so on. Take the trouble to correct me again and again. Although I'm always dissatisfied with his' teaching ', I'm also slowly getting regular in his' training'. Learned to appreciate, learned to love. Although we cried sadly on the way, we also smiled brightly. We got along really and happily.

Soon afterwards, we broke up. No quarrel, no noise, just holding the phone with each other and crying hard. After feeling, I slowly understand that young love, no matter how crazy and loved, can not escape the fate of failure. The care, the company and the beautiful memories of a tree that once opened will disappear and disappear in an instant. No matter how rich and graceful the hope of love is, as soon as you turn around and say goodbye, no matter how much care you take, you can't beat the sadness of this secular beauty. I stood quietly in the shuttling crowd, silently looked at the boys and girls my age, and asked myself how long their happy smile could stay at the moment? Then he smiled gently, closed his hands silently and prayed piously. In this hot and cold world, in the face of future separation, I hope they won't be so sad like me.