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Like the sea never doubted the blue of the sky

Can't help but let loneliness become a habit. I picked up a lonely silk and pasted it on the stamp of love. From then on, I traveled thousands of miles and took a few memories on the night without a star-- notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article


'if one day we are lost in the crowd, you must try to find me.' Ye Tong, who said this, also shook two long runny noses. She didn't understand the meaning of this sentence at all, but bean sprouts nodded fiercely. The two people also hooked, which remained unchanged for about a hundred years.

That year, she was seven.

One day at the class meeting, Ye Tong became the monitor and Douya was the attendant. He carried the exercise books for the little Ye Tong, threw sandbags when he hit the Great Wall, and became a stake when he jumped rubber band & hellip& hellip; Ye Tong sometimes mutters that bean sprouts are so obedient. She doesn't know. She couldn't help asking, and bean sprouts smiled. Ye Tong was puzzled and shouted that he was a fool. He actually recognized it.

Yang is the hometown of bean sprouts and Ye Tong's good friend. We usually go to school and go home together. Ye Tong and Douya said that they should protect her at school and don't rob food. Bean sprouts were surprised and acquiesced. Ye Tong smiled. It was the pleasure of conquest. In the class, she could bully anyone at will. With bean sprouts, she was presumptuous and happy.

In the twinkling of an eye, at the age of junior high school, Ye Tong and Douya became close friends. Read together, play together and go home together. The school was far away from home, so bean sprouts, which were only one year older than him, became a real coachman. At first, Ye Tong was afraid of rumors. Later, she was relieved. The cost of running for 25 miles was much higher than those spittle stars. She sat restlessly behind and pulled her self righteous subtotals. During the day, bean sprouts kept listening with a smile and silent.

Another grade unified examination, Ye Tong is still the first, but bean sprouts are the last. Douya doesn't like learning all the time, which gives Ye Tong a headache. She decided to make up for her lessons with bean sprouts.

There was a movement in the class. Some people talk about the relationship between Ye Tong and bean sprouts, and there is a growing trend. Ye Tong heard it and didn't think it at all. They are close friends and good friends. Who cares?

Ye Tong is a man of the moment in the school. He can always win prizes in the big test, small test and Olympic Games, but bean sprout has always been unknown.

They are all the same, the same strong, the same kind. Ye Tong is still so capricious. He just learns to ride a bike. When he goes home, he doesn't have to carry bean sprouts anymore. The bean sprouts have grown stronger and the work has become more clean and efficient. In Ye Tong's eyes, he is like a gentle little sheep.

Douya also heard the rumor. He just smiled without saying anything. Ye Tong's heart is very complicated. Whenever she sees other girls close to bean sprouts, she will suddenly call him to her side and inseparable. She didn't understand or understand. At that age, the tacit understanding between them exceeded friendship, but it was not about love.

For bean sprouts, Ye Tong has become more domineering and impatient. He knows that Ye Tong's change is partly due to the pressure of entering a higher school and partly due to himself. But he knows very well that their tomorrow is very vague. With his grades, he can only go to a second-class school, and Ye Tong wants to go to a key high school. Douya doesn't want to be a hindrance to her.

Douya wants to alienate Ye Tong slowly, but she makes him unable to refuse. Ye Tong still teased the teacher with him, skipped class and went shopping together, and ate the fried stinky tofu on the stall & hellip& hellip;

In a mock exam, Ye Tong ran out of the top ten of the grade for the first time. The teacher solemnly warned: there is still one month left! But privately said to bean sprouts, stay away from Ye Tong, or call parents.

Bean sprouts are obedient. When ye Tong wanted to skip class again, she didn't have bean sprouts for the first time. She blocked her breath and ignored bean sprouts, but she cried for a long time on her way home.


As people expected, Ye Tong was admitted to a key high school, and Douya could have entered the same school through relationship, but he resolutely chose a general high school in other places.

That year, she was sixteen.

Ye Tong is sad. Maybe Douya doesn't want to play with her anymore. That's why he chose to be so far away from her.

During the National Day holiday, Ye Tong saw bean sprouts on the long-distance bus home. She almost cried out. She wanted to ask what bean sprouts meant by walking away, and her friends had nothing to do. After all, she didn't do anything wrong.

I finally held back. On second thought, even if he doesn't go, what is their relationship? Ye Tong smiled helplessly.

When the bus arrives at the station, two people get off together. No face to face, no communication, turn around and walk away. Ye Tong thought, maybe it's just missed, maybe it's forever, maybe it's only a lifetime long & hellip& hellip;

The heart became colder and colder. At the moment when tears were about to burst into tears, Ye Tong heard bean sprouts calling, "Ye Er, wait for me, let's go together!" Ye Tong answered with a low voice, and his tears disappeared.

Bean sprouts followed in a few steps, took Ye Tong's hand without hesitation, and walked back side by side. Ye Tong suddenly stopped and asked, "how long will you accompany me?" It's like talking to yourself.

'girl, I want to accompany you all my life, okay?' He pulled Ye Tong's shoulder and said sincerely.

'you lied. Didn't you want to get rid of me? You go! Let's go! " Ye Tong suddenly lost control and roared. She was a little stuffy because she was too angry. Bean sprout didn't say a word. She held her in her arms and let her shout and beat. Now the bean sprouts have grown into Yushu, and there are many suitors. How could he take a fancy to her? He doesn't know. In short, she is capricious and overbearing. He just wants to take charge of it alone.

They returned to the primary school campus together. Bean sprouts pointed to a thick lilac tree and said, it was planted on the day of our joint school. It's so tall now. Ye Tong raised his head and stared at bean sprouts. Following his soft eyes, she saw a small word "leaf" engraved on the trunk. In a moment, she was in a trance. When did this guy engrave it. It seems to have guessed Ye Tong's inner doubts. Bean sprouts said leisurely. Remember the treasure hunt in the spring outing. The teacher said that whoever finds the baby first can claim a tree and engrave his own name. Ye Tong certainly remembers that after the spring outing, everyone happily searched for treasure. As a result, she only found an eraser. For this reason, she also cried with her teacher. Bean sprouts then said, 'do you know what I found?' He smiled foolishly, 'it's the paper crane you folded when you first learned origami, and it says & lsquo; I want to be with bean sprouts all my life;, Miss ye, do you know what life is? Ha ha ha & hellip& hellip;' Ye Tong's face was as hot as fire. He wanted to find a ground crack to drill in.


The underground work of Ye Tong and bean sprouts began. Due to proper confidentiality measures, they were not found by their parents.

That year, she was seventeen.

Suddenly, I was haunted by nightmares for several days. In my dream, there was always a bloody paper crane flying away, but it was smashed in the air and scattered all over the ground.

Not afraid, she comforted herself that bean sprouts were coming back, and her heart was full of expectation.

That afternoon, the students said that a bus collided with a truck, seven dead and 13 injured. Ye Tong was very nervous. According to the schedule, bean sprouts should come back these days. Just on second thought, Douya will wait for her sister to go home together, so she is immersed in the joy of Douya's return.

As soon as the bell rang after class, Ye Tong hurried out of the classroom to grab the public telephone and bumped into a man. She just wanted to get angry. When she calmed down, it was Yang. Her eyes were red and swollen, like she had just cried, and her voice was hoarse, 'Ye Er, listen to me, bean sprouts are gone & hellip& hellip;'

'where did you go? Didn't you agree to come to school to see me?'

She covered her chest with her hand. Ye Tong only heard a sentence 'the bus in the accident is the one going home', and she couldn't hear anything behind.

Slide down the wall and sit on the cold concrete floor. The brain was blank, as if the whole person's breathing had stopped. I didn't know how to get back to my dormitory and didn't go to night self-study. A person, holding tightly to the corner, her hands kept shaking. She thought, the school is next to the hospital, and below the bleachers on the playground is the hospital morgue. Bean sprouts should lie there. Is he as cold as himself? He hasn't eaten my dumplings yet. He must be hungry. Thinking about it, Ye Tong suddenly remembered that bean sprouts' favorite Beef Dumpling. He was about to buy it and was stopped by his roommate. They didn't go to self-study because they were afraid that she would have an accident.

'why don't you go to class? I'm fine. I want to be alone.'

'I'm hungry. I want dumplings. Let me go out!'

'what the hell do you want to do? I've said it. I'm fine!' She kept talking.

'if you feel bad, cry out and you'll feel better!' Finally someone spoke.

'I'm fine. Why are you crying? Bean sprouts are just a little late. I'll wait for him here!'

This is a year.

On his 18th birthday, Ye Tong booked the most magnificent hotel and invited a large group of friends to celebrate his birthday. Over the past year, every minute, her heart is as painful as a knife, and life is better than death.

It is said that Ye Tong's temperament has changed greatly, and her achievements have been spoiled by cakes, but her tears are so precious that she doesn't lose one!

On the wine table, Ye Tong drank cold draft beer cup after cup. I don't know how many bottles she drank. She only vaguely remembers that her friends sang her blessing songs, "ten years", "happier than me", "let tears turn into Acacia rain" & hellip& hellip;

In fact, Ye Tong's tears are not precious, they flow in the bottom of my heart, more bitter and astringent! Until I saw bean sprouts in my dream and watched him eat dumplings. She painfully asked him if he was hungry, but he didn't say a word, she would wake up crying.

How many times, in her sleep, she dreamed that she was held in his arms and depended on her heart and hands. After waking up, she could only grasp the cold quilt corner and cry silently.

How many times, in her sleep, she dreamed of walking with him in the forest, murmuring and walking, but he suddenly disappeared. When she woke up, she even lost her strength to cry.

How many times, in her sleep, she looked at him from afar, but could not touch him anyway. The dream was to wake up crying, and the despair was engraved on her heart.

How many times, in his sleep, he held hands with her and looked at the flowers on the other side. When he left, he waved his sleeve fondly. After waking up, he never saw him again.


'Ye Tong, will you be my girlfriend?'

'sorry, I already have someone I like! '

That year, she was twenty-two.

Maybe a few years later, she will also step on the red carpet and be someone else's bride. In my heart, there is still a soft place, full of you.

Leave the unfulfilled promises in this life to the next life. Next life, be your bride.

The end of the world, once hurriedly gathered to promise the end of the world; The vast sea of people, but the long journey is finally a guest of another country. If you define love, it may be difficult for the world to tell. The love of relatives is the best, the love of friends is the truest, and the love of lovers is the purest.

No matter whether the living are still happy or the dead are still sad, in life, we must always live, and there must be passing scenery, sweet or bitter, both joy and sorrow. If we have experienced it, we will be moved and believe it. Like the sea, we never doubt the blue of the sky, and the waves trust the white of the clouds.

When the time comes, the flowers bloom. And the end is ahead, tomorrow is not far away.