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She will love you for me

In the summer of 2006, I watched an interview program about singer milk tea. This woman, who has always maintained an intellectual and calm image in my heart, began to cry when she sat opposite Chen Sheng at the beginning of the program. I heard that she has loved this person for 15 years.

Throughout the interview, her eyes were in tears. When Chen Sheng spoke, she stared at him motionless. The appearance of a hundred turns and a thousand turns makes people sigh with emotion. At that time, I didn't understand what kind of love would be so painful.

Until 2009, when I met you again, I suddenly understood the sadness of milk tea at that time.

Originally, there is such a love in this world. Before opening his mouth, he can't cry.


The snack street next to the school was full of people. I took a flamboyant red wool hat and sat in front of the beef noodle restaurant. When the boss brought a large portion of beef noodle, I put a lot of red pepper and green coriander in the noodle, and then ate it in spite of the strange eyes of passing boys and girls.

This university is a national key. Those who can study here are either talented or rich.

And now sitting in front of me, you are obviously the latter.

I noticed that you have been staring at me for a long time, from when I sat here to order noodles until I finished my last mouthful of noodle soup. Even if I understand that fresh girls sit on the roadside and eat like me, you don't have to look at me for a long time.

You, a luxurious son of a rich family, ordered a piece of noodles but didn't eat a bite. You just kept turning with chopsticks. I disdain to talk to a person who wastes food, so even if I know you're waiting for me to ask why you've been looking at me or what's wrong, I still ignore you, take a paper and wipe my mouth, then stand up and leave.

At this time, you were in a hurry. You suddenly stood up with me and shouted to me who turned and wanted to leave. Hello, classmate, I want to invite you to join the school dance club.

I turn around and smile at you. I can only strip.

Your way of chatting up is really tacky. I just wanted to scare you. You really stood in the same place. Fortunately, you reacted very quickly and smiled smartly in the twinkling of an eye. You are short of talents. Which class are you from?

I laughed when I saw you stuck in front of me. You are really as stubborn as HaoChen and don't stop until you reach your goal. Siji HaoChen, I was a little gentle in the face of you. I pointed to the foot bath massage city not far from school and said, where am I.

When you turn your head and see the big sign of foot massage, you are stunned. I ignored your surprised eyes and left calmly.

I walked a long way and looked back and saw you standing in place as if lost.

Young men and girls of your beautiful age come and go around you. The expressions on your faces are bright and lively. At that moment, I patted myself on the face and then jerked the corners of my mouth. I don't know why, I suddenly feel a little sad.

Late at night, I woke up from a nightmare. He got up and poured water. In the dark cabin, the furniture was simple and shabby. HaoChen's voice sounded in the dark. Sister, have a nightmare again?

I gave a vague hum, grabbed the kettle on the table and drank it, as if the water was Yangzhi manna, the only green source I met when walking in the desert. On the other side of the curtain, HaoChen got up and walked over and hugged me. In the dark, his shoulder was so thin that only bones were left. I buried my head on his shoulder and said in a low voice, I'm fine. Go to bed and have class tomorrow.

HaoChen didn't say a word. He didn't return to his bed until he helped me lie down. After a while, he made a steady snort.

I looked at the moonlight outside the window, but I couldn't sleep. The scene in the dream is like an old classic film. When it emerges in front of you, you will feel its reality. I have seen countless fires, collapsed houses, women's sad faces in the fire, men's begging eyes, and HaoChen's red face reflected by the fire. HaoChen held my hand tightly.

How many years ago was that? Life seems to have been full of dark clouds since then.

At the age of ten, my father suddenly brought a little boy back from outside. He said that the child was left in the street by others. He looked at the poor and picked it up. The little boy's eyes were wide, staring at everything strange at home. Full of caution.

The mother didn't ask anything, so she let the little boy stay. The father said the little boy's name was HaoChen, and then he took our last name.

HaoChen is two years younger than me, but his face is not mature with his age. He always follows me like a small tail. As soon as I look back, he will raise his face and call my sister.

Mother is always light to HaoChen. At first, I don't understand why mother doesn't like this beautiful child.

Until later, I happened to see my mother crying alone and the pointing behind their neighbors for many days, I knew that HaoChen was actually the child born by my father and another woman. The woman died because of poor health, so my father took their favorite little son to live. Humble to the dust of the mother, dare not speak, can only secretly wash his face with tears.

Until the fire put out everything.


When I met you again, I was in the KTV at night. I bowed 90 degrees and said to everyone who came, welcome.

Then he saw HaoChen running excitedly. He smiled and shouted, sister.

I looked up at him. How did you come here? Your task now is to study hard, not fool around.

HaoChen looked at me wrongfully and explained that Xiao Bai asked his classmates to sing, so I stopped by to see you. Don't worry, I won't sing.

Then he pulled the boy behind him and pushed him forward. Here, he is Gu Xiaobai, the senior student I often mention to you.

When you came forward, I was suddenly stunned. Doesn't it mean that the world is big? Why is it so small here. You were obviously stunned when you saw me, and then you smiled at me. It turns out that you are Gu Xiaobai, the same senior brother of the whole school in HaoChen's mouth. When you were a sophomore, you were scrambled by an external company to hire a talented person.

I was a little angry with your straight eyes. When I told a lie, I was immediately exposed. This feeling is not good at all. I nodded at you faintly and pushed HaoChen. Since I came with my classmates, you can go in and play.

HaoChen turned back and said hurriedly, sister, I can't sing, I just accompany you.

I waved impatiently. What are you doing with me? I have to work. Go and play.

HaoChen doesn't know where he is, so he can only walk towards the box with you. I feel you turn around and look at me.

I didn't get off work until three in the morning that night.

When he walked out of the door, he saw you and HaoChen sitting at the door of the milk tea shop next to him. When he saw me coming out, HaoChen immediately stood up, sister.

I looked at you suspiciously. HaoChen immediately explained that I was here waiting for you to get off work, and senior Xiao Bai was with me.

You said with a smile, would you like to have some supper.

HaoChen turned to look at me. I hesitated and nodded.

The most beautiful thing in Changsha is nightlife. It's still bustling and brightly lit at 3 a.m. The barbecue stand on the roadside is rain or shine, and the diners inside are in full swing. Here, regardless of status, high or low, 369, etc., because even people who drive BMW and Mercedes Benz every day often sit in large stalls on the side of the road to eat. The stall is also a consumption paradise for students. The price is appropriate and the food is delicious.

I handed you the list and said, thank you for inviting my brother to sing today. I'll invite you to dinner.

You laughed and didn't bother with me. You picked up the list and ordered something. Occasionally, I talked with HaoChen about professional courses. Looking at HaoChen's energetic and excited face, I suddenly felt full in my heart. The boy who followed me and watched me please me finally grew into a tall and responsible look.

That night, after eating and parting from you, you patted HaoChen on the shoulder, then turned to wipe my shoulder and said in a very small voice, liar.

I didn't stop to pass you by. I don't care if you call me a liar. After all, this is a way for me to protect myself.

HaoChen has always been lonely since he was young, but after playing with you, he began to become cheerful. He excitedly told me, elder sister, senior brother Xiao Bai, that he would introduce me some lists to do in the future, so that I could earn some extra money.

After a pause, he said, in this way, you don't have to work so hard.

When HaoChen said this, I saw something shining in his eyes. I shook my head and said with a smile, silly boy.

You began to come in and out of our house freely. At the weekend, you brought a group of students here to cook hot pot. After you took off your coat, you wore a clean white shirt and rolled up your sleeves, which was not in line with the dilapidated house, but you didn't care and still ate happily.

You often ask me, Lin Jiabao, what do you do part-time in KTV at night and during the day.

HaoChen always answers you proudly. My sister is Sohu. Do website editing on the Internet during the day.

oh You came interested and asked, what website do you do?

You won't be interested in the popular websites of some businesses. I'll deal with it, and you won't ask.

After getting familiar with you, I found that in fact, you are a man who sticks to others. Although among the boys playing together, you have a superior family background, you never show off and don't put on airs. You never embarrass anyone.

Privately, you said to me, Lin Jiabao, in fact, I really fell in love with you at first sight. Don't think I'm that kind of dandy.

I said, come on, you child.

You suddenly took my hand and said discontentedly, who is a child? I asked HaoChen. You are just the same age as me.

The sudden warmth makes me blush and heartbeat. I get rid of you and turn away.

Xiao Bai, you won't understand that the same age is just the surface, and my heart is already old.

In that fiery summer, on the night when my parents were dying.


Seeing the mummy like head wrapped by HaoChen appeared in front of me, I rushed up and asked angrily, what's the matter? What happened?

HaoChen didn't say a word. I turned and looked at you. There was also a dark blue on your face. You motioned me to help HaoChen to the house first. When I came out, I stared at you and asked, what happened?

When I said this, my tears had fallen. The red liquid on the gauze on HaoChen's head shocked me. You said gently that when we went to eat, we met the man who spoke unkindly to you in KTV last time. The man was full of dirty words and provocations. We couldn't help fighting with them. But there were many people on the man's side. HaoChen's head was broken, and we were all slightly injured.

You said that not long ago, you know, after I went to work in KTV, I often invited my friends to visit there. Once, I met a drunken man who took action against me. At that time, there were many of you and the security guard of KTV, so I drove the man away.

And this time & hellip& hellip;

I bow my head and thank you for being with him today.

You don't talk. After a while, he suddenly said, Lin Jiabao, stay with me.

I looked up and saw your urgent eyes. You continued, Lin Jiabao, let's be together, let's go