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It turns out that love is a kite

In a community, there lived a pair of happy old people.

They are over seventy years old, but they look ruddy and energetic. Every morning and dusk, two figures will appear on the passage of the garden, holding hands and chatting.

In spring, when the breeze blows gently and the sky is blue, the two old people will bring kites to the square. The old woman holds the kite, and the old man leads the line and trots. With a good grasp of the wind, the kite flies high. I envy the old couple. Maybe my marriage life is too different from them.

My wife and I were unhappy after a long period of depression. Finally, we chose to break up. One day, I was walking in the square and saw the old man repairing his kite. They repaired very carefully. I stood beside them and they didn't know it. Then the old lady found me. We said hello, and their gentle and kind smile made me feel warm. The old man knew about the breakdown of my marriage with my wife.

I can see sympathy from the old man's eyes. I talked to the old man about marriage. I said: 'marriage is a glass of wine, sweet and sour, full of flavors. Once you wake up, it's time for the song to end. "

The old man looked at me for a long time and shook his head: 'young man, marriage is a kite. The kite is divided into several steps. The first step is to make a kite. Make bones with bamboo strips. Bones should be hard and tough. What is this bone? It is love without any impurity. When you decide to make a kite, you use a knife to cut off money, status, family background, beauty, etc. leaving one of these desires is the hidden danger of marriage. Therefore, love should be pure, otherwise don't get married. Step 2: modification. If the kite is well done and solid, it will have a long-term and sound foundation. However, kites should be beautiful, eye-catching, pleasant and give people the enjoyment of beauty. How to design the kite, and then describe, color, trim, and configure the colored tail. Only in this way can the kite be beautiful and charming. Marriage is the same. Love is the foundation, but only love is not enough. It also has forms, such as a bunch of roses, a picnic, a surprise, a ball and a trip & hellip& hellip; Therefore, with love and harmonious taste in marriage, love is easy to last forever. Step 3: release. Kites are born to fly. In the high sky and flowing clouds, they express their style. If you only hang it at home, the kite is dead. Facing a rigid dead object every day will make people's aesthetic attention tired.

Marriage should also have its own space. Marriage without space will suffocate love. But the space can't be unlimited. The line should be grasped in your hand. Once you let go, the kite will fly and sink. Step 4: maintenance. Years will erode kites. Therefore, kites should be maintained frequently. Where are they loose and reinforced; The color is old and painted with new color; The modeling is old, depicting a new look & hellip& hellip;

Marriage is a marriage in society. Temptation, invasion and even mandatory destructive power are inevitable. If you are injured or damaged, use love to carefully maintain and inject new vitality into your marriage. The old man said so much at once and stopped to ask me. The old man said, 'do you understand?' I see '. I stood up and bowed deeply to the old man.