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Taste marriage

Marriage is not a children's play. It doesn't mean that you want to close or break up!

Before marriage, no matter whether you get married because you like each other or who you marry, you firmly believe that you can

Have the ability to make each other fall in love with themselves after marriage!

From the perspective of ordinary people, of course, marriage is jointly operated by men and women, which is also the core of marriage happiness

Part of the heart. The problem is that the conquerors are not necessarily male compatriots. Some female compatriots are also very powerful. Otherwise

However, how to explain those who are afraid of wives!

Many frictions in marriage are solved by sex, but we must not exaggerate the work of sex

After a long time, you will find that sex can only solve temporary problems, and it is the most superficial questions

If one party casts a shadow in his heart, it will eventually form a look at the other person

Law, this view can not be compensated by sex.

Marriage is to do it well and lay the foundation, and then you can think of a way to hold it

She, she goes wherever she is told.

The most perfect marriage is that two people work together to write an article, from appreciating each other to being picky about each other, from time to time they stop to repair, modify and change, and argue with each other dryly. Until one day, one of them feels tired and will no longer adhere to it, and this article will no longer be changed.

This marriage is like two grasshoppers in a cage. Until one day they can't move, they will stop.

Marriage is like Chinese making dumplings. The views of each family member are like different spices and fillings. Only when they are fully stirred together can they make the most delicious dumplings in the world.

Marriage is different from love. There are only two people in love, one world, but there are many people in marriage. In the whole world, love can afford to lose, but marriage can't afford to lose. No matter what a woman's life will be like in the future, her first love is the most unforgettable bitter memory.

The so-called relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is originally a by-product of marriage. How can two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who only have interests and have no direct relationship coexist peacefully in a family for a long time and reach the point of harmony?

Sometimes I think that it's lucky that there is snow in this world, which makes a noisy world quiet. It's just like a scenery. It has no time and memory. It's both true and false, but when the snow melts, it exposes the dirtiness of the world more clearly & hellip& hellip;

There is a Western proverb: we get married because we don't know, and break up because we know.

Montaigne, France: a good marriage is a husband who turns a deaf ear and a wife who turns a blind eye.

Aristotle said: marriage is war. Once she subdues you, she won't easily provoke you again all her life!

The most extreme violence in the world is war and killing, followed by domestic violence, which is the most common and hidden. It affects thousands of families, and the victims are often women, children and the elderly who have no ability to resist.

In the married life, if a man doesn't even protect his mother in front of you, even if you have great skills, you win. But have you ever thought about what you won? Is a man's self-esteem!

If your lover is cheating, but he doesn't let you free and doesn't pay attention to you, he can only set fire to the state officials and forbid the people to light the lights, what will you do? In marriage, men and women are equal. If one party allows himself to have an affair and the other party has the same rights, why should he marry! Family is not a card table. One won't win alone. If you win more, the loser will have a hard time with you. If you don't open the pot, you can't go and hide, so winning means losing.

Love is a matter for two people, and marriage is a matter for two families