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The prince came on a dark horse

After being dumped by a 'returnee', I became a famous unmarried young woman again. In a rage, I took my annual leave, searched the Internet for backpackers and found a youth travel agency -- I'm going to travel.

That's how he met Yu Zhaohui.

I made an appointment with three or five donkey friends on the Internet. After gathering, I saw Yu Zhaohui.

It was ugly, fat, short and ugly, but he was the most enthusiastic, greeted me and said, 'is it Duan Jiahe? At first glance, it's you. You said you were lovelorn and cut your hair. You really cut your hair. Are you stupid? "

I think I'm stupid. What are you doing hanging vines from a tree? After being lovelorn, others were worried about sleeping and eating, but I tried my best to eat, and the result was 65 kilograms.

He said: 'look at the fat, lovelorn will not gain weight!' As soon as we met, we didn't have a good impression. Fortunately, he was warm, arranged accommodation and immediately said his treat: 'today is to invite everyone to Sifang street to eat bridge rice noodles and drink rice wine. We can get drunk as long as we want. It's not easy for us to be white-collar and black-collar workers. Let's get drunk today. "

Looking at his appearance, I think this man is somewhat cute.

Unfortunately, I don't catch a cold with him. I like good-looking men, such as the man who dumped me, which is the Chinese version of F4, but he said that my appearance is not beautiful enough, that my English is not good enough, and that I always have the expression of being rich and easy & hellip& hellip; And he opened his mouth and shut his mouth in English, and he was more gentleman than the British, which made me feel like a lowlife.

The journey began. My bag was the heaviest, carrying a lot of cosmetics and some clothes. Yu Zhaohui criticized me again: 'are you going to travel or open a clothing exhibition? This is no good. The ideological realm really needs to be improved. Only those who learn to enjoy life can enjoy the beauty of life. "

He is simple. He has a backpack and jeans. He is not afraid of others laughing. He has such a broken body and wears jeans! I always quarreled with him, but he always carried my bag and acted as a free guide. I heard a lot of moving legends about Shangri La and Yulong Snow Mountain from him. When he said it, he was very affectionate. I said, 'how many times have you been in love? With so much experience, how can you speak of love clearly? " He looked at me and said, 'it's because I haven't talked that I can say. If I really talk, I don't know the true face of Lushan.'

After the tour, we became eating friends. We ate and ate every day. We became iron friends.

During the Spring Festival, he proposed to go skiing in Heilongjiang. I said, 'is it too cold?' Yu Zhaohui said, 'I'm hot.'

I looked at him and didn't pick up his words. I could hear what he meant. But really, he's too ugly. I'm afraid I can't accept it. Besides, he's only a college student. Can he match me as a graduate student?

2 was hesitating whether to go to Heilongjiang. He called and said that the air ticket was booked, which was his treat.

That's not funny. I said let's make AA.

I can't take advantage of men. I haven't spent a penny on them since I fell in love. I've been used to buying flowers and wearing them for a long time, but Yu Zhaohui said at the beginning: 'girls are flowers, just to make men hurt.'

It's really touching, but it's a pity that he really has no youth, no money, no power, no appearance. Coupled with his short stature, I know his good intentions and want to pretend to be stupid.

Go skiing together. He's very skilled. He teaches me a little bit and doesn't scold me for being stupid.

When I slid down, I fell a big somersault and fell down. He shouted, 'Duan Jiahe, Duan Jiahe.' Rushed over and hugged me, anxious to shed tears.

What's wrong with your foot.

He carried me back and blamed himself. It's all him. He's going to ski. It's the new year.

In fact, I was distracted and fell. My whole mind was full of the shadow of the man. He said that he regretted after breaking up. He missed me.

Can I eat back? Can I?

Back to the hotel, he took off my shoes and socks, found wine, rubbed it for me a little, and kept scolding himself. My tears fell. Where can I find such a painful man?

Think of him. Although he didn't have much money, he funded several primary school students of the hope project.

He likes to be a backpacker and go to the ends of the world in the simplest way. Always take care of others on the road.

He protected the environment. When he saw the garbage, he would pick it up and didn't eat greasy food. He always mobilized me to plant trees and grass with him.

He volunteered and actively participated in public welfare undertakings.

He doesn't bother. He likes a person. I know a girl is chasing him, but he says he has a place in his heart.

Men with so many advantages live a simple life with a simple heart.

I'm going to choose between him and my ex boyfriend.

Hogwash boyfriend ran back, he said: 'wrong, forgive me, or you'd better.'

This is the man I loved. He has a handsome face, lives in a villa and has his own BMW.

It's false to say you can't move.

I decided to get back together with him. After all, he was my first love.

When talking to Yu Zhaohui, he kept biting his mouth and drinking Erguotou cup by cup. I grabbed it and took a sip. He grabbed it: 'girls can't drink. It hurts to drink girls.'

He always loves me. But my ex boyfriend said, you should be like this, not like that. For example, when I go to eat Western food, he asked me to be reserved, be like a lady and be like people in the upper class.

What is upper class? What is life?

Why am I so nervous, painful and overwhelmed with him? And staying with Yu Zhaohui is as comfortable as wearing pure cotton clothes. Why?

In order to cut the mess quickly, I'm going to get married.

He didn't propose, so I asked. I said, 'let's get married.'

He looked at me: 'Why are you so old-fashioned? What are the benefits of marriage, daily necessities, and then seven-year itch, divorce?'

I was stunned and looked at this returnee man. He was tall and handsome, fashionable and avant-garde. He didn't listen to non-English songs and non experimental dramas. He talked about love every day. Is that how to treat life and marriage? I finally know how stupid I am.

I didn't cry this time, but smiled gently. I said, 'sorry, I'm not the kind of girl you want. I'm not so avant-garde. The fruit of love I want to pick is not like this. I want to live a life of husband and wife.'

This time, I walked bravely without even looking back.

I went to find Yu Zhaohui. Yu Zhaohui's friend said that he had gone on a trip.

Every day is like a year. He sends text messages and calls every day. As a result, he shuts down.

There will always be a day to get through.

Finally, he said, 'Duan Jiahe, guess where I am?'

I said, 'where is it?'

'tianchi, 'he said,' we said we came to Tianchi together, but you didn't come. Duan Jiahe, you know how beautiful it is. It's like a big blue tear set on the earth. You know, this is my tear. "

'yes,' I sobbed. It's your tear. It's embedded in my heart. '

'Why are you crying? Silly girl, who bullied you? "

'you -- that's you!' I said it irrationally.

He was silent for a long time: 'Duan Jiahe, you should know how much I love you. You are pure, kind, beautiful and talented. You like to help others and bring everyone happiness. You are humorous and generous & hellip& hellip;' He still wants to boast. I can't help crying. It's called beauty in the eyes of lovers. How can I be so good?

I asked a key question: 'Yu Zhaohui, if I go to you now, will it be late?'

'it's late,' said Yu Zhaohui, 'I've fallen in love with others. And I'm going to get married. "

I stayed for only a month. What's this called love? And say you love me? How can people believe this man? I sneered and said, 'did you take the bride on a trip?'

'yes,' said Yu Zhaohui, 'come and bless us. We will get married in Xinjiang. Wait for you. Don't be so stingy. We must come.'

Just go! I bought a plane ticket and flew to Xinjiang. As soon as I got on the plane, tears fell down. Why can't I catch up with any step? It seems that the result of not knowing how to cherish is to lose.

I was silly at the first sight of Yu Zhaohui. He was black and thin. He was waiting for me in a white suit, and in his hand was a large handful of roses and a white wedding dress.

'where's the bride?' I asked.

He smiled and lay down in my ear and said, 'far away, near at present.'

Ah -- I jumped on him and cried while beating him. This bad guy tricked me into being a bride!

I finally understand that the fruit of love should be picked by myself, and the taste is the most beautiful.