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Love is an accident in life

· Love is an accident in life, and this accident often determines one's life.

· The best subject in the world is love. The most difficult problem in love is breaking up. The most painful process after breaking up is memory. The most painful feeling in the memory is that I still love you.

· No matter how strong love is, it can't bear the erosion of busyness. Love, sometimes, is a sinking thing. It is always sweet at first, and then there is boredom, habit, abandonment, loneliness, despair and sneer.

· Love is always more beautiful than reality, such as meeting and saying goodbye. We think love is very deep, very deep. In the coming years, you will know that it is only very shallow, very shallow. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up with time.

· Once I longed to stay with a person for a long time. Later, how glad I left? Looking back today, isn't it a comedy? At the end of love, there is another new realm, and all the sadness is just history.

· Because of love, two strangers can suddenly become familiar and sleep in the same bed. However, the same two people said when they broke up, I think you are becoming more and more strange?

· Love turns two people from strange to familiar, and from familiar to strange. Love is a game that turns a pair of strangers into lovers and a pair of lovers into strangers.

· Believing that love can change a person is not only the benefit of youth, but also the sorrow of youth. A prodigal son is always a prodigal son. What makes men change may be God's love or Buddha's compassion, but it will never be women.

· The most unworthy to get married is the prodigal son, and the most suitable to get married is also the prodigal son. It is often not a woman who changes a prodigal son, but a woman who happens to appear when the prodigal son wants to change.

· A man's life, but to women do two things: better than she imagined and worse than she imagined. Women use his good to forgive his bad. If one day they can't be together, it's not that he is too bad, but that she is too good.

· In our life, we should remember as much as we should forget. Memory exists in cells, in the body, and will never be separated from the body. To destroy it is tantamount to burning jade and stone. However, some things must be forgotten, forget the pain, forget the hurt of the person you love most, so it's the only way.

· Time will let you understand love, time can also prove love and overthrow love. There is no sorrow that cannot be alleviated by time.

· If time can't make you forget those people you shouldn't remember, what's the meaning of our lost years?

· If all sorrow, pain and failure are false, how good would it be? Unfortunately, there are many false feelings and instruments in the world, but their pain, failure and sadness are always true.

· Although he has two advantages, he doesn't love you. This is a disadvantage that you can never convince yourself to accept. The biggest disadvantage of a person is not selfishness, amorous, savage and capricious, but paranoid love for a person who doesn't love himself.

· Secret love is a kind of self destruction and a great sacrifice. Secret love doesn't even need an object. We just stand by the river, look at our reflection and feel sorry for ourselves, but think we really love others.

· Like love songs, the highest level of love is lingering sound. The most beautiful thing is not revenge, but regret. The best love must have regrets. That regret turns into a lingering sound bird and keeps an eye on it. The most miserable and beautiful love doesn't have to cry out for heaven and earth, but has nothing to say.

· Disappointment, sometimes, is also a kind of happiness. Because you have expectations, you will be disappointed. Regret is also a kind of happiness. Because there are things you regret. Pursue love and find that love has always been a matter of thousands of turns.

· The most romantic love is not available. The most romantic love words are when the person who has separated from you calls and asks, 'how are you?' You usually replied, 'I'm fine.' In fact, you still love him, you are not good at all.

· A man pretends to be strong, but he is afraid of being found weak by women. A woman pretends to be happy, just afraid of being found sad by a man.