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You're here. I dare not leave


At the age of eighteen, she is like a white chrysanthemum in the field, shallow and beautiful.

That winter, eight carried the big sedan chair and carried her to his house. She became his bride. The candlelight swayed and the moonlight penetrated the window. Under the candlelight, he uncovered her head. At that moment, her face surpassed the red cap, as gorgeous as the lotus petals in May.

That year, he just turned 20.

Everlasting longing for each other's wife. She always thought that this was a sentence in ancient poetry and would not appear in her and his life. All their lives, they had just the right flowers, the full moon and the spring breeze. After being a bride, she tied up her long hair and rolled it into a bun. It was clear and light. She went down to the kitchen. She couldn't raise her eyebrows with him, but at least she respected each other like a guest.

However, all the beautiful dreams were broken one night shortly after marriage, such as the lake under the waves, crushing all the dreams and all the beauty. That night, he went out, went to the bathroom, and then he never came back.

She didn't expect to catch a strong man and even a teacher. The next day, she rushed to the neighboring village and saw him, but everything was in vain. The officer of that army, with a solemn and cold face, let her kneel down and didn't let anyone go. The reason is very simple. If they are released, he will become the bare pole commander.

In this way, she watched him go away and go to the place of fire.

When he left, without saying anything else, he knelt on the ground and said, 'the old man at home entrusted you. If the war is over and I am not dead, I will come back.' At that moment, she sobbed silently, a pear blossom with spring and rain.


The war went on and on, and he never came back. He is a soldier. Soldiers can't control their fate.

During this period, my mother-in-law was ill and lay down in bed, confused and sober. Confused, he shouted 'rebirth', as if his son came back and stood by the bed. When he was awake, he didn't say anything, opened his eyes, looked at the void, and burst into tears. At the last moment, her mother-in-law woke up, took her hand and sighed, 'spider, it's hard for you.'

She wiped her tears for herself, her mother-in-law and the society.

Her mother-in-law stayed close to her, and finally she couldn't stand it. When she closed her eyes, she kept crying, looked at her and her grandson and said, 'I can't close my eyes when I leave you and your children in this chaotic world. Rebirth may be gone. If I die, get married. " Then the old man left the world with endless regret. Left, eyes still closed.

At that moment, she fell on her mother-in-law and cried so much that the iron stone man also wept. After crying, she sent her mother-in-law up the mountain. Then, she was a rough dressed jingchai, an independent portal, and lived a hard life. When she has nothing to do, she will always go to the entrance of the village and look into the distance for a long time.


As time went by, his message became scarce and finally disappeared. Some say he has died in battle, others say he has a lover. She didn't believe it. From time to time, she stood at the entrance of the village, looking into the distance, waiting for him to come back.

She believed that he would come back when she was there.

Meanwhile, some people showed kindness to her. One of her distant cousins is also from the same village. He is honest and kind. He carries water for her and helps her farm. Once, it was a criticism meeting. As a family member of the 'counter revolutionaries', she was taken to the venue to accept criticism. A group of people surrounded her and asked her to explain her counter revolutionary behavior. She had nothing to explain, so they beat her. He stood up and said, 'she's a woman. Do you know what counter revolution is? Isn't this a crow pecking persimmons and picking soft ones? "

As a result, instead of saving her, he was also pulled to the stage to fight and be beaten.

Afterwards, she found him and did nothing in return. She just made a bowl of poached eggs. Instead of taking the poached egg, he held her hand tightly. She frowned, gently took out her hand and said, 'cousin, let's be brothers and sisters. Everything is too late. " Then she turned and held back the tears in her eyes and left quickly.

Yes, it was too late. In that 18-year-old winter, when he lifted her veil, her heart belonged to him forever.


Children, grow up slowly. She, in suffering, faded her beauty. Children go to primary school, middle school and university. In a flash, he graduated from college and entered the city.