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Some people are destined to be memories of your life

You may have loved each other, or you may like each other,

But why didn't you get together?

Maybe he can't chase you for the loyalty between his friends.

Maybe you weren't together to take into account the opinions of your family.

Maybe he didn't ask you to wait for him for his future.

Maybe you met too early,

Don't know how to cherish each other.

Maybe you met too late,

You already have another person around you.

Maybe you look back too late,

The other party is no longer waiting.

Maybe you're trying to figure out each other's hearts,

And can't cross the line.

But even if you're not together,

You still maintain a relationship of friends.

But you know from the bottom of your heart,

You care more about this person than your friends.

Even if you can't hold hands with him,

You can still be friends who talk about everything.

He has someone he likes. You will verbally help him chase him,

I don't know if you really want him to catch up.

When he is in trouble,

You'll do everything you can to help him,

I don't care who owes who.

Boyfriend and girlfriend are jealous,

You'll comfort them that you and he are just friends,

But there will be a trace of uncertainty in your heart.

Everyone's life,

I have had such a special friend in my heart,

Very contradictory behavior.

At first you didn't want to be just friends,

But after a long time, I suddenly found that this was the best.

You'd rather care about him,

It's better than being together and breaking up one day.

You'd rather be his friend,

Only when we are not jealous of each other can we really talk about everything.

Especially so,

You still know,

He will always care about you.

Can't be a boyfriend and girlfriend,

When his special friend,

What's wrong?

This special friend in your heart & hellip& hellip;? Who is it?

A lot of feelings,

Because of wishful thinking,

Finally, I can't even be a friend

Often feel sorry,

Unfortunately, some originally good friendships

Finally, because the other party likes you,

If you don't respond, this friendship seems difficult to maintain,

No wonder some people refuse to take this step.

Because it's like a bet,

After confession, I didn't become a boyfriend and girlfriend,

Or you can't even be a friend.

Some things you can't predict, maybe the other party doesn't care,

You can still be friends, but not as good as before & hellip& hellip;

About love:

Don't think there is something better behind, because what you have now is the best.

Don't think I'm still young and can get married later. Love doesn't wait for age.

Don't give up because the distance is too far. Love can take the train with you.

Don't give up because the other party is not rich. As long as you are not incompetent, diligence can make you rich.

Don't give up because your parents object. You will find that the love you give up for this reason will be your regret all your life.

In fact, for love, the more simple, the happier! It's best to fall in love only once in your life. If you experience too much, you will become numb, separate too much, get used to it, change more lovers, and compare. In the end, you will no longer believe in love, you will abandon yourself, you will be lifeless, you will walk dead, you will marry a person you don't love, and live your life like this & hellip& hellip;