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Ten kinds of people you should cherish in your life

1. When you meet the person you really love

We should strive for the opportunity to accompany him for a lifetime. Because when he left, it was too late.

2. When meeting trustworthy friends

Get along well with him. Because in one's life, it's really not easy to meet a confidant.

3. When you meet someone in your life

Remember to be grateful, because he is a turning point in your life.

4. When you meet someone you once loved

Remember to smile and thank him, because he is the one who makes you know love better.

5. When you meet someone you once hated

Smile and greet him, because he makes you stronger.

6. When you meet someone who has betrayed you

Have a good chat with him, because if it weren't for him, you wouldn't understand the world today.

7. When you meet someone you used to like secretly

Wish him happiness! Because when you like him, don't you want him to be happy?

8. When you meet someone who leaves your life in a hurry

Thank him for walking through your life, because he is a part of your wonderful memories.

9. When you meet someone who has misunderstood you

Clear up the misunderstanding now, because you may only have this chance to explain it.

10. Meet someone who is with you all your life now

Thank him 100% for loving you, because you all get happiness and true love now