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23 pieces of advice on love, for my dear self

Guiding words: love is always more beautiful than reality. So is meeting and saying goodbye. We think love is very deep, very deep. In the coming years, you will know that it is only very shallow, very shallow. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up with time.

1. Love is like chewing gum. After a long time, it will be ordinary. If you feel ordinary, you want to give up. No matter where you throw it, it will leave traces that are difficult to erase.

2. Don't think there will be love without understanding. When we don't understand, we just like it and can't reach love. When each other's shortcomings are exposed, many times this love will end. Love is tolerance, love each other's everything. Fall in love with someone you don't know. Maybe what you love is just his novelty.

3. Don't deceive your lover. Remember, if you are not sure to cheat him for a lifetime, then tell him the truth. When the lies are exposed again and again, it is possible that everything is over.

4. Don't take your surroundings too seriously. It's you who fall in love. What's your relationship with the people around you. But please be kind to each other's family and friends. Many things are just excuses for yourself.

5. Don't believe the so-called in Japanese and Korean soap operas, because you can't leave each other happy. Have you ever thought that you are each other's happiness. Love is not escape, it is effort. Not to escape the responsibility of giving each other happiness, but to strive to realize the obligation of making each other happy. When you say that leaving is to prevent the other party from being hurt, you have caused the greatest harm to the other party. Love is to work hard together.

6. Don't say too much because of impulse. No one is willing to exchange enthusiasm for indifference and consideration for injury. Impulsive words may have broken his heart. It's easy to drive down a nail, but if you pull it up, can you fix the hole in the fence? If you have said so, please apologize and try to make up for it with your tenderness, but it is uncertain whether it is useful.

7. Don't be considerate for fear of leaving each other. Understanding is because of love, not because of fear. Love is a kind of responsibility and can't leave easily. The one who makes you fear to leave is not a lover. Even if you pay more, the one who wants to leave will eventually leave.

8. Don't deal with the opposite sex. Love is the existence of two people, there is no room for a third person. Those who feel they can embrace each other are those who read more YY novels on the Internet. Love is single-minded, please remember.

9. Don't put too much pressure on each other. Keeping a proper distance with the opposite sex is good for your love. Too close, may inadvertently make each other embarrassed.

10. Don't think appearance will be a big obstacle. After 60 years, can anyone have no wrinkles and white hair? Who can keep old and short. Maybe you have no appearance, but you have talent. Maybe you have no talent, but you are gentle. Maybe you are not gentle, but you will have other & hellip& hellip; Maybe you have nothing, but maybe he is loving your ordinary.

11. Don't think he loves you and won't leave you. Under your repeated injury, he will also leave, because you don't know how to cherish and don't deserve his love. Know how to cherish, can understand love.

12. Don't play missing. People who often disappear for ten days and a half months without reason can hardly give people a sense of stability. It will also make people worry about your safety.

13. Don't trample on your dignity. You can live without him, but you can't live without your dignity. Remember, he doesn't love you. He can't see what you do.

14. Don't make promises easily. Promises that cannot be made are more hateful than no promises. Maybe many men and women like those bad checks, but when you find that each one can't be cashed, will you still love this liar?

15. Don't just live for yourself. People don't live just for themselves. Parents, lovers, children. Maybe we will do many things we don't like to do, but for them, please don't complain. Because love is a responsibility and a responsibility.

16. Don't give anyone you don't love any hope. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Maybe you just like the feeling of being loved, but when disappointment comes, you may be hated by the other party because of your greed.

17. Don't regret it. No matter what choice you make, whether it is the right choice or not, please don't regret it. Time can't go back. Everyone should be responsible for everyone's fault. A mature person should know how to be responsible for his behavior. Many times, what he misses will never come back.

18. We always like to verify the promises made by others to us, but rarely verify the promises made by ourselves.

19. To go to a place and miss a place is because of the people there, not the scenery there. A city will be connected with itself, but also because there are the same people as yourself.

20. Like, is a touch of love; Love is a deep love & hellip& hellip;

21. Before love begins, you can never imagine loving someone like that.

22. Before the end of love, you can never imagine that such love will disappear.

23. Before love is forgotten, you can never imagine that such unforgettable love will leave only a faint trace; Love, you have to say it out loud, because you never know, tomorrow or accident, which will come first!

Editor's note: because you have expectations, you will be disappointed. Regret is also a kind of happiness. Because there are things you regret. Pursue love and find that love has always been a matter of thousands of turns.