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Love advice for men and women

1. I often hear about masculinity and femininity. Do you know what masculinity is and what femininity is? Masculinity is open-minded and brave, and femininity is considerate and gentle.

2. It's very happy to fall in love with smart people, because they are humorous and can speak, but there are always crises, because such people are easy to change their minds. Falling in love with honest people will be very reassuring, but life is also very boring.

3. Don't fall in love because of loneliness. Time is a devil. Over time, if you are an amorous person, even if you don't love each other, you will have feelings at that time. Finally, what do you do?

4. Don't sleep with others casually, otherwise you will meet a true love in the future, but he is a clean and principled man, and you will regret what you did that year.

5. Life is realistic. Only romantic love is not real life. Slowly, you will find that each other will have shortcomings in character, and the details of life will be different from you, which makes you dissatisfied, but how can people be perfect? So, in front of each other, put down the mask, be yourself, be an ordinary person and be the most real yourself.

6. Don't give up your pursuit plan because you don't look as good as each other. Your appearance is only a temporary impression. The real decision whether you can combine depends mainly on the personalities of both sides. I've seen too many handsome men with ugly women and beautiful women with ugly men.

7. Some people say that once a man changes his heart, nine cows can't be pulled back. Can nine cows be pulled back when a woman changes her heart? There are only physiological differences between men and women, and there are little differences in psychology.

8. If you really love a person, you will be willing to change for him. If a person is in front of you, I will do it

Su, ignore the behavior you don't like, then he just doesn't love you. So if you don't care about him or he doesn't care about you, then you don't love him or he doesn't love you. Don't think you are careless or believe that he is a careless person. When you meet your true love, a coward will become brave. Similarly, a careless ghost will become careful.

9. It doesn't matter to fall in love with a person with many different living habits. Be careful when you get married. Think about whether you can tolerate each other's differences for a long time.

10. Some people always complain that they can't find good people. It doesn't matter once or twice. More will have problems. First of all, you should review whether you have any problems. If not, you should examine your own vision. Why do you encounter bad people every time?