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the past

Once I

At first I was dull

But very happy, because you don't have to think about anything

I can play with my friends and classmates every day

Repeat every day, day after day

Until I transferred to this school, I felt very cute when I saw her for the first time

At that time, I didn't know what love was. Just like looking at her

Her smiling eyes are like beautiful scenery, but they always look at her in a daze

So I always call the teacher a penalty stop

Sometimes students laugh that we are lovers

We all said with one voice, who is a couple with him (her)

Until the end of the term, for the first time, she asked me if I liked her, but I said no( I'm stupid)

Hehe. Very stupid. I like it but dare not say it

At the end of the period, she asked me again the second time. I don't know that's the courage to say I like you.

I forgot how we came together and how happy we felt for the first time

At the beginning of the second semester, I always thought she was hiding something from me

After thinking for a long time, since being a boyfriend can't say anything, what's the meaning of being together

Let's break up. She cried that day. It's hard for me to watch her cry!!!

I recommend football when I get home. Hide in bed and cry!

In the second month of school, the teacher arranged for her to sit behind me

That's raising your head and always calling her (I don't know why)

The third month I left