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Is it really wrong

I want to say something to you today. Why? It's not clear to ask yourself. In the face of you, I always want to say and stop. This was not me. Cheerful, outspoken and unrepentant -- is the real self. But I can't do it with you.

I don't know whether the words I want to say will bring you happiness or sadness; Whether a word and its expression will affect each other's relationship; I don't know what the result is... I can't complain to you. I know better that I can't give anything, even a little comfort. I firmly believe that it is not my cowardice. Just feel that each other can't have too much pressure. I don't want you to have similar reverie. I just want you to be yourself quietly.

But this inexplicable mood will continue to appear. I believe I am rational, so I always control myself well, even if I go in a daze alone. Even in the best time, I hide quietly, because I know I am also very vulnerable, maybe this is escape. Tell yourself clearly: This is not my style, but it is my principle!

Sometimes I tell myself that maybe I don't adapt to the rules of the game on the Internet, forcing myself to adapt to another mentality; I often control myself to accept all things I'm not used to. Since you appear when you shouldn't appear in my life, I will thank God for taking care of me and we have become friends with each other. I will cherish it. Maybe one day, when I look back at my way, I find that your appearance has brought me a lot of brilliance! Your presence makes me spend every day of my life! Brought me a lot of happiness!

This may be a sign of a person's maturity. This maturity has experienced some pain, learned some truth, lost some original, and will be indifferent to some. No longer to demand, no longer to care, no longer nostalgia, no longer sad. When we are talking about the past, it is actually a kind of open-minded. Sad past, now will face with a smile. The bitterness in memory will eventually become sweet memories. Thank those who have gone through my life, short and eternal; Sad, painful things. Thank you for your door, which makes me happy in the years to come.

I know very well that everyone will not feel too much love. Everyone wants to be in a warm embrace every day. Found true love, I will sincerely bless you, because that is my prayer to you!