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Which five plants can resist computer radiation

In our life, we have to contact computers for a long time almost every day, but we all know that computers have radiation, which is harmful to the skin, especially to women's skin. What should we do?


The green Chlorophytum is the 'master' of absorbing pollution. People in Southern Fujian, Taiwan and other places have highly evaluated its ability to absorb pollutants.

Cactus or cactus

Cactus or cactus are excellent garden greening and beautifying flower varieties. Although they are covered with thorns, they are beautiful in appearance. They can be used as medicine and food for processing. They also have the 'special function' of absorbing electromagnetic radiation and reducing computer harm to human health. Cactus with spines, thick flesh, more moisture, easy to absorb and dissolve electromagnetic radiation toxins around the environment, reduce indoor and outdoor pollution, and is beneficial to human health. Some horticultural experts suggest that a few pots of cactus should be placed in TV, computer and microwave oven with electromagnetic radiation. Many large computer places abroad are full of cactus, which is an advanced scientific measure and can be used for reference.


Its meat contains colloidal crude fiber, can moisten intestines, can detoxify, can suck the harmful substances in the intestines and excrete with defecation. Because it has this function, it can absorb any radioactive substance. It is very beneficial to put it beside the computer. In addition, it is a tropical plant, drought resistant, and the lazy people are the best. However, it is no problem if you don't get drenched for ten days and eight days.

Green Rose

This kind of most common plant is not only easy to raise, but also can beautify the environment and purify the air. It is also a good anti radiation product. It also inhibits the release of xylene and toluene from computer monitors and printers.

Sansevieria trifasciata

Tiger skin orchid, also known as tiger tail orchid, is a lily plant. It has a sweet and elegant fragrance. It has strong adaptability to the environment. It is a kind of tough plant. It can not only detoxify, but also release a lot of oxygen during the day. The ability to absorb radiation is also very strong. If you put a pot beside the computer, it will definitely make you feel comfortable!