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A must drink soup to prevent cold in summer

Health reminder: cold is one of the daily diseases that we can't avoid all the year round, but it's especially hard to prevent in summer, especially for the elderly, infants and frail people. There are many ways to prevent cold, among them, drinking mushroom soup to prevent cold is a very convenient and easy to accept method.

The research results of mori, a doctor of Japanese medicine, confirmed that eating Lentinus edodes regularly can promote metabolism, make people energetic and not easy to catch a cold. It is said that Bohemians living in the Czech Republic have a natural immunity to colds, which is related to the fact that they often eat mushrooms in the mountains. The reason why Lentinus edodes can prevent cold is closely related to its special nutritional components.

Lentinula edodes contain interferon and interferon in human body cells, which can enhance the ability to resist influenza virus in human cells. Shiitake purine in Lentinus edodes also has strong antiviral function. In addition, scientists also found that there are small areca shaped particles on the spores of Lentinus edodes, which can stimulate the cold virus and form a thick wall. After the thick wall is formed, the cold virus loses its ability to cause cold symptoms in humans and other animals. Therefore, the intake of Lentinula edodes should be increased appropriately in the season of common cold and influenza, and the friends favored by cold should pay more attention to it.

There are many ways to eat Lentinus edodes, which can be eaten alone, or matched with pork, chicken, duck, etc.; delicious dishes can be prepared by frying and burning, and delicious soup can be made by boiling and stewing. According to the latest research in the United States, chicken soup can expel cold virus from the body and help people get rid of influenza. Therefore, if mushrooms and chicken are stewed together, the prevention and treatment effect of influenza is stronger.

The specific method is as follows: 1 / 2 chicken (about 500g) is chopped into pieces, blanched to remove blood water, picked up and washed for use; 12-15 mushrooms are softened, washed and drained, and then cut into pieces; Put the washed chicken into the stew pot, add appropriate amount of water, onion, ginger, cooking wine and other seasonings, cover the pot cover and simmer for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes, add Lentinus edodes and appropriate salt, continue to stew for 20 minutes, add monosodium glutamate, and then serve. For repeated cold, sweating more Qi deficiency patients, you can also add 10 jujube stew together.

Special reminder: Lentinus edodes contains more potassium, patients with hyperkalemia and patients taking digitalis should eat less or not.