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What does environmental pollution do to you

Electrotherapy health care has become a fashion, a health care attitude in life, its unique pure green therapy let people enjoy different effects. Jianlishuoshan acupoint Tongluo instrument is a combination of traditional body control electrotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine electrotherapy, meridian electrotherapy, so that the electrotherapy technology has been widely promoted, into thousands of households!

The lung connects the airway upward and opens in the nose, which is the so-called "resuscitation in the nose". The main function of the lung is to exchange gases. After inhaling air, the oxygen from the outside air is dissolved into the blood in a dispersive way. At the same time, the waste gas carbon dioxide formed after the utilization of foreign gas is exhaled out of the body. Because the lung is an organ that communicates with the outside world directly, it will directly feel the invasion of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Therefore, all kinds of harmful substances in the atmosphere, including physical, chemical and biological pathogenic factors, can directly enter the lung, which is very harmful to the lung. Therefore, the protection of the lung is a key point in daily life.