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Where is the secret of people's health and longevity

Although we can't do anything about the birth, aging and death of human beings, in a sense, we can improve it by mastering the law of aging, finding out the causes of aging, and reducing or eliminating the factors that lead to aging, so as to achieve the goal of prolonging life. So, where are the secrets of people's health and longevity?

One is to maintain a good mental state. Studies have shown that the elderly with broad-minded, cheerful, optimistic and stable mood are far more likely to live a long life than those who are aloof, fussy, irritable, competitive and eager to get into trouble. The risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in these impatient and irritable elderly people is far higher than that of the elderly with good personality and mental state.

Second, we should pay attention to the reasonable dietary structure. In the elderly, with the decline of various organs of the body, digestion and absorption are also restricted. Therefore, the elderly should pay attention to the control of diet in daily life, try to avoid overeating, and eat seven or eight percent full every meal. The diet should be kept light and avoid high-fat and high protein diet as far as possible, so as to slow down bone loss and reduce the occurrence and development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure a low cholesterol, low salt, low animal fat and multi fiber diet.

The third is to ensure a healthy lifestyle. What we mean by a healthy lifestyle is that we should pay attention to all aspects of eating, dressing, activities, daily living habits and hobbies, and make reasonable arrangements according to scientific methods. Therefore, in daily life, people should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep time, adhere to half an hour nap, eat regularly, defecate regularly, quit smoking and drinking, control sexual desire, and correct other bad habits and habits.

This is the secret of people's health and longevity. In addition, we should adhere to appropriate physical exercise, enhance the body's metabolism, promote respiration, improve the body's immunity and resistance, promote cell renewal, and delay the process of aging.