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Did you use the fan correctly

The hot summer weather makes people really want to sit under the fan all day long. Health experts point out that, however, some people use the electric fan improperly, which brings harm to their health, causing colds, facial paralysis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, backache and other diseases. What are the five wrong ways to blow the fan? See if you are using the fan by mistake.

1. Steady wind

When blowing, the electric fan constantly moves its position and direction, forming a big and a small blow, which makes the body surface slowly affected by the wind, and does not make people feel too cold, but feels the whole body temperature is even.

2. Blow while sleeping

When people are sleeping, the function of the organs of the body is reduced to the lowest level, all the reflexes disappear, the immunity is reduced, and it is easy to cause diseases.

3. Blowing for more than 1 hour

For a long time blowing against the electric fan, the human body temperature will decrease with the evaporation of sweat, which is easy to cause cold, cold, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other diseases. Generally, it is better to blow for half an hour to one hour at a time.

4. Excessive wind speed

When the temperature is more than 30 ℃, the wind from the electric fan is also the high temperature wind. At this time, the heat of the human body should mainly be dissipated by sweat evaporation. If the electric fan blows too much, the skin surface temperature will drop, the pores will be blocked, the sweat inside the body will not be released, and the body will feel hot. At the same time, fatigue and weakness, backache and backache will occur, which is' holding sweat '. Therefore, it is not suitable to use the electric fan to blow at a high speed. It should be adjusted to a medium speed or a low speed. It is better to blow a gentle breeze.

5. Fan too close

If a strong wind blows nearby and only blows on one side of the body, the sweat on the skin of the winded side will evaporate quickly and the temperature will be significantly reduced, while the sweat on the windless side will evaporate slowly and for a long time, the whole body will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when blowing the electric fan, it's better to be 2 meters away from people.