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Food therapy and conditioning method of female liver fire

Food therapy and conditioning methods for female liver fire. What is good for women with liver fire? What are the symptoms of female liver fire? What are the food therapy and conditioning methods of female liver fire? Food therapy and conditioning methods for female liver fire.

First of all, we must understand whether our liver fire is real fire or false fire. If the fire is real, the stool will stink, and the fart will stink. It's on fire. Virtual fire is caused by physical weakness. You can eat cold food to reduce fire before. But the false fire can't be like this. The more cold things you eat, the greater the false fire. Empty fire should properly eat more food and tonic drugs with peaceful and warm nature. You can only eat cold things when you go to the real fire. As soon as the real fire comes down, you will stop eating cold things.

Women with liver fire should make tea with red dates and longan. They must adhere to it. If they adhere to it for about a month, their liver fire will be reduced. Longan and jujube tea have a very good effect on women. It can not only reduce liver fire, but also improve beauty.