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Dietotherapy and conditioning method of maternal cold

Food therapy and conditioning methods for maternal colds. How does puerpera catch a cold receive dietotherapy? After a new mother catches a cold, she must supplement a lot of water. She can drink more boiled water, ginger sugar water, rock sugar pear water and all kinds of fresh fruit juice. Dietotherapy and conditioning method of maternal cold

Diet therapy

When a cold starts, a new mother might as well try diet therapy.

Glutinous rice congee with scallions: after washing 100g glutinous rice, add an appropriate amount of water to cook the congee. When it is cooked, add several scallions to cook until it is cooked, and eat it on an empty stomach.

Pear jujube egg soup: wash and cut a pear into pieces, add an appropriate amount of red jujube, ginger and rock sugar, then add water to boil, and finally beat an egg. Once in the morning and once in the evening, rest after taking.

Cabbage and radish soup: 250g cabbage heart and 60g white radish. Add appropriate amount of water. After frying, add about 15g brown sugar. Drink soup and eat vegetables while it is hot.

Orange peel ginger brown sugar tea: cut 10g orange peel and ginger into thin filaments, add water and fry until half a bowl. When taking, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar and take it while it is hot. The back cover of the clothes is used to sleep, which helps to reduce fever and relieve headache.

rational use

When the condition worsens, the new mother needs to use some antibiotics that have little effect on the milk under the guidance of the doctor, and take some Chinese patent medicines orally, such as isatis root, Ganmao granule, etc; If you have a fever, you must stay in bed and take physical cooling in time; In case of symptoms such as high fever, aggravated cough and dyspnea, the new mother should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

How to continue breastfeeding after a cold

Close contact is necessary when feeding. Some mothers are afraid to pass on the cold to their baby and dare not continue breastfeeding. In fact, the baby who has just been born has certain immunity. Mothers who have a slight cold don't have to worry too much about infection. They can wear masks when feeding. If a cold is accompanied by a high fever, breastfeeding must be suspended for 1-2 days. During the period of stopping feeding, remember to often empty the breast with a breast pump, so as not to affect the normal secretion of milk in the future.

Yuesao reminds: Although a cold won't affect breastfeeding to a great extent, it's best for a mother to ask her family to help take care of her baby, and she should seize the time to rest. If you have a good rest, your cold will get better faster.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of the food therapy and conditioning methods for maternal colds. More topics about the food therapy and conditioning methods for maternal colds will be introduced in the next article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!