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How to make winter health wine for the elderly?

How to make winter health wine for the elderly? What are the winter health wine? Traditional Chinese medicine often says, 'wine is not only beneficial but also harmful to others'. If you drink the right wine, it is actually beneficial to your health. Autumn and winter is a good time to drink health wine!

There is a folk custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine. Chrysanthemum wine is also known as' longevity wine '. This wine tastes cool and sweet and has a good health preservation effect. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of nourishing the liver, brightening the eyes, strengthening the brain, treating dizziness, reducing blood pressure, reducing weight, lightening the body, tonifying liver qi, calming the intestines and stomach, delaying aging, etc. it is recommended to drink some in autumn and winter.

The method of wine is to prepare 200g chubaiju, 300g raw land and 300g medlar root. Please ask the drugstore to process and mash, add 2kg yellow rice wine, simmer for 20 minutes, bottle and seal, and drink with unsealing after 20 days. Don't overdo it. This wine can strengthen muscles and bones, strengthen lumbar spinal cord and prolong life.

Kidney deficiency leads to yellowing or early white hair. You can take 200g Polygonum multiflorum and 100g chubaiju, add a kilogram of yellow rice wine, heat it gently for 15 minutes, seal and soak it, and drink it after about 10 days. Twice a day, 10 to 20 ml each time, can benefit the kidney and black hair.

In contrast, there is a custom of drinking realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival in southern China. It is generally drunk by adult men, but not by women and children. Moreover, the current view also believes that realgar wine is best not to be taken orally, because there is a risk of poisoning. In this traditional drinking area, we should also pay attention to taking less. Now realgar wine is mostly used for external treatment of acne, snake and insect bite, and the effect is good.

Generally, the appropriate dosage for each patient's own characteristics shall be determined according to the needs of the disease, physical strength, age difference, alcohol volume, etc. generally, 10 ~ 20ml shall be taken each time, 1 ~ 3 times a day, and the medicinal wine shall be mixed into warm boiled water when necessary.

Patients with chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, nephritis, renal failure, coronary heart disease, hypertension, bronchitis, cor pulmonale, peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis and reflux esophagitis should use or prohibit medicinal wine with caution, otherwise it will induce or aggravate the disease.

The first credit of health wine -- warming up

Wine is warm. The ancients generally had to 'scald' before drinking, which can give full play to the warm-up effect of wine.

The temperature is low in autumn and winter, and many people have the problem of cold hands and feet. You might as well 'scald' some rice wine or rice wine when eating, or add a little rice wine when cooking.

In the health wine, fermented glutinous rice is specially recommended for everyone to drink, because its wine strength is very small, and it also has the effects of promoting blood circulation, expelling cold and warming up. It is especially suitable for drinking at ordinary times.

Recommended health recipe: fermented rice juice

There are many ways to drink mash. Kiwi fruit juice, orange juice, lemon juice, strawberry juice and other fruit juices are added to make unique juice mash, or diced fruit is directly added to make mash fruit. In addition, it can be added to glutinous rice dumplings to make glutinous rice dumplings. The method is to boil an appropriate amount of water, add glutinous rice balls and cook until the glutinous rice balls float out, and then add an appropriate amount of fermented rice and an appropriate amount of white sugar. Can health wine improve beauty?

The second credit of health wine -- pain relief

People with rheumatism and rheumatoid problems are often prone to pain in autumn and winter. Traditional Chinese medicine says that 'weak wine can be used to treat arthralgia'. Weak wine here refers to flower carving, yellow rice wine and cooking wine, which all have the function of dredging collaterals and activating blood circulation. When decocting traditional Chinese medicine, pour a little yellow rice wine to help dredge meridians and activate collaterals. However, Baijiu must not be replaced by liquor with too high degree Erguotou. In addition, female friends who are prone to dysmenorrhea can use some fermented glutinous rice, which has a good effect of promoting blood circulation and menstruation.

Recommended recipe: Fermented egg

Fermented glutinous rice eggs are not only nutritious, but also relieve dysmenorrhea. The method is to boil the mash with an appropriate amount of water, add egg flowers, sprinkle pistachios, almonds, peanuts, raisins, walnut kernel and an appropriate amount of sugar, and finally add hot milk.

The third credit of health wine -- beauty

Many girls' sexual friends are often distressed by freckles and chloasma on their faces. Such diseases are often accompanied by liver depression and qi stagnation, accompanied by chest and flank pain, irregular menstruation, or chest tightness, shortness of breath, like sighing, depression, etc. The use of yellow rice wine to soak some traditional Chinese medicine to soothe the liver and regulate Qi can play a role in nourishing the face and removing spots.

Recommended by health preserving Party:

1. Rose orange peel wine: 20g areca nut, 10g orange peel, 10g green peel, 6G Amomum villosum, 8g rose, 6G green calyx plum and 10g litchi kernel. Please process it into coarse particles in the drugstore, put it into a cloth bag, add 1600 ml yellow rice wine, and simmer over low heat for 20 to 30 minutes. If you like sweetness, you can add an appropriate amount of rock sugar. Put it in a jar or wine bottle and seal it. Take it twice a day, about 20ml each time. Note that pregnant women should avoid taking.

2. Medlar mung bean wine: the formula is 100g medlar, 50g privet, 50g fairy spleen, 50g longan meat, 50g raw land, 50g mung bean and 200g persimmon. Mash it into a cloth bag and add 5kg highly roasted wine. It can be drunk after soaking for one day.

This wine can warm the kidney, replenish the lung and beautify the skin and hair. It is effective for old people with fatigue, cough, fatigue, sore waist and knees. It can also be used as health wine when there is no disease at ordinary times.

You can take it once in the morning and evening, no more than half a Liang each time.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of how to make winter health wine for the elderly. More about how to make winter health wine for the elderly. will continue to introduce it in the next article. Welcome to check it. Wish you a happy life!