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What are the benefits of vinegar regimen?

What are the benefits of vinegar regimen? Vinegar has a long history in China, as well as in the history of food and health care in China. In daily life, vinegar is mainly used for food. The medicinal value of vinegar also has a long history. Let's introduce the benefits of vinegar health preservation.

1. Eliminate fatigue;

2. Regulate the acid-base balance of blood and maintain the relative stability of human internal environment;

3. Help digestion and facilitate the absorption of nutrients in food;

4. Anti aging, inhibit and reduce the formation of peroxide in the process of human aging;

5. It has strong bactericidal ability and can kill Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, dry bacteria and halophilic bacteria in the intestine;

6. Enhance liver function and promote metabolism;

7. Dilating blood vessels is conducive to reducing blood pressure and preventing the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases;

Experts remind that vinegar should be appropriate, and it is best not to drink more than 20 ml of vinegar every day. In addition, try not to drink on an empty stomach or dilute it without boiling water, which will cause some harm to the stomach. Only in daily life, timely and appropriate consumption can play the health care role of vinegar.